Friday, February 12, 2010

Get in the Picture

It's a milestone for me (Rockester) today as I celebrate my half-century mark birthday today with a 15 hour crop at our local store. I have made decorated water bottles with stash, I have made darn cute treat bags from coordinating stash as well. I need to stop and get the cake. The rest of the day will be fun and easy....but I need to remember to take my camera!

Don't forget to get YOURSELF in the picture at least once a month...hand the camera off and have someone else snap a few for you.
Too often we are so busy with making sure the day is great for others that we forget to GET IN THE PICTURE! :) Today I am going to take my own advice!


1 comment:

Lizzy Simpson said...

Happy Birthday!!! Glad to see you had a wonderful day. Everything looks wonderful!!!