Saturday, February 06, 2010

Valentines for My Mom

Happy 71st birthday to my mother.
Today is her birthday. Since I am thinking of her, I decided to make her a little token that will also serve her well this coming week. I made her 4 Valentine cards in a gift box so she can send them to her 4 children! (Me included!) I hope I do get one back again. LOL I am including seals for the back flaps and postage stamps to make it extra east on her to mail out these cards regardless of WHO she sends them to. :)

I used STASH of course! You all know me by now. I am on a 2010 mission to use even more of my stash for gifts this year. Everything seen here was already in my studio and much of it on my desk! I used up an OLD OLD valentine/love Frame Ups set that some of you will recognize from years ago. It was in my hearts and Valentines folder of accents so there is no better time than the present--for a present!

Here are the cards (above) This is just a reminder to pull out those embellishments that are just too cutesy for layouts and perhaps make them into NEW ideas!

I also decided to enclose them in a gift box and I had just the right box in the house for a completely different event. These Target Market Square brand fruity snack boxes are the perfect size to cover and dress up as gift card boxes. This one measures 5.25 inches tall x 7.25 wide x 1.75 inches deep. I pulled out just one sheet of 12x12 paper to cover it. I knew it wouldn't be as finished as gift wrap but it would be prettier than the snack box! :)

I used a paper trimmer to cut my paper 5.25x12 twice. I then glued them end to end for a 5.25x24 inch piece to wrap around my box like a belt. (seen below)

Add adhesive to the paper or to the box and simply start winding. Crease the paper each time you meet a corner until you are done wrapping

Now use your extra piece of left over paper to cover the Market Pantry labeling on the top of the box. Your remaining pattern paper strip should measure 1.75x12 inches. Perfect width! I didn't cover the bottom of the box as mine was white. Add glue, adhere, and trim excess.

I tied a piece of pretty ribbon around the center and cut off the excess tails. I then made my own matching pink and red flower by layering recycled pink, red, and white silk flowers. I inked it pink and black here and there to make it match even better! Feel free to alter flowers with ink! It's fun and they always match the project!

Attach the flower with glue dots and presto, you have a 4 card-enclosure gift box! Remember, it's all from just one piece of 12x12 paper!

Happy Birthday to my Mom! :) xoxoxo


Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Very pretty! Both the cards and the box, great gift idea.

Dorothy said...

Awesome Job Rock!!!

kalonalani said...

love the recycling of used

Anonymous said...

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