Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do you love Strawberry Shortcake? :)

Using my Copic markers these days seems to mean coloring some of the most darling stamped and line art images of children. And what is more iconicly young Americana than our girl Strawberry Shortcake and her pals? Today I made 9 cards using my Copics. I am still learning on these great pens and my blending needs more practice. But I do love how these images turned out! These Hasbro Strawberry Shortcake* images can be found on several of Hasbro's officially sponsored coloring pages online and are meant for us to print and color.

Since these cards are for my individual personal use ( I color one and send it to a specific small child.) I believe I can use them for my personal sending. I just save the image off to my desktop, re-sized them and printed them out in multiples. I color them all the same and later add them to my handmade cards. When done, I send them out to a particular child who has been touched by illness and needs a little cheering up. Strawberry Shortcake is the girl for that job! She can bring a smile to anyone's face. I colored the images above in the hearts --and colored and created these below for the cards of the girl reading her book as well.

If you would like to send a card to a specific child who is ill, please join Jennifer McGuire's Cards for Kids collection here. These kids are so brave, they deserve a little token of how much we care.

Let's use our stash to perk up someone's day! (And you can also send them to your own little friends too.)

Don't forget the MY ALL CARD GIVEAWAY! Place a comment below before April 16th at 12 midnight central time and you could be randomly picked for a set of 4 of my assorted handmade cards! Be sure and include your email so I can contact you if you win!


Denise said...

Wow, I'd love to win four cards from you!! Your cards are so beautiful. I don't use coppics, but I think they look awesome :) Good for you for sending off cards for kids who need a little cheering up :) I'm going to check out that site.

I also wanted to tell you that I love your yahoo group. Though I politely ignore your daily comment to get off the computer and go scrap, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi, firstly I would like to thankyou for all the wonderful hints, tips, ideas, how to's etc that you freely give.

I have never heard of Coppics, but am now off to check out ebay lol. They don't have at our local scrapping store.

I have only recently promised my nearly 5 DGD that I would make some girlie cards for a few parties that she has invites to for little friends birthday parties.

How timely, they all love Strawberry Shortcake. Thankyou....

Will be keeping my fingers crossed (hehe)'that I may be extra lucky enough to win 4 of your gorgeous cards.


Anonymous said...

O'h dear, didn't mean to go as Anonymous, don't know what happened there.

Forgot to put my email address too, must be having an older timers moment.

brenda said...

What great looking cards. Thank you for the link for the sending out kid cards.

Nate's Mimi said...


lv2scpbk said...

Oh, I love the cards. I wish my cards would turn out so lovely. I'm better at scrabooking than cardmaking that's why I need these cards. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Oh! very nice Rock!!! I love your production line technique too!!! Joan

Texas Stamper said...

Iwould love to win your beautiful cards. Love the bushel basket too. paula dot mackey at gmail dot com

Denise said...

Oops, forgot my email.