Friday, April 16, 2010

TUTORIAL: Handmade Mini Paper/Chipboard Bushel Basket

Look what you can make with one 12x12 sheet of your favorite paper and one piece of 12x12 chipboard! (I used a couple half sheets of Basic Grey since I love that mixed papers look.) Add a little Mod Podge and about a dozen cute brads! This little bushel basket style makes up into a roughly 4x4x4 sized little beauty. It is perfect for holding a small gift --or a bag of snack candy bars for your co-workers on an office desk.

Cut 12 strips of chipboard and twelve strips of pattern paper. You can mix and match pattern papers this way. Of if you want the total basket to be uniform of one paper, then you can spray adhesive onto one piece of 12x12 paper and attach it to one piece of 12x12 chipboard. Cut the whole thing into 12 one inch strips. After your glue is dry, ink the edges of all.

Above: Center each one inch strip with a small hole at 6 inches for your center post.

Above: Add a mini album post and screw (or a very strong long-legged brad) at center and fan out like spokes.

Above: For the top finishing band around the basket, use two 1x12 inch strips and join them with a 3/4 overlap with a large decorative brad. You will later add the second decorative brad half way around the basket (on the other side). You can also back the other side of the chipboard with two more pieces if you want the gray chipboard to be hidden at the top interior.

Use a sour cream container as your "basket mold" to get a roughly 4x4x4 basket. Use a rubber band or two in order to hold it all in position while you secure the basket's top band and brads. Center the holes for each brad in the middle of the band. I placed my brads every 3 centimeters and this worked out perfectly for my roughly 15 inch top band. I used a Crop a Dile to punch the small holes.

If you want this basket to be shorter (3 inches) you can use a cereal bowl for a mold shape and the base will be a bit wider with the sides a bit shorter. I plan to Mod Podge mine again now that the shape is done to give it stability. Decorate the exterior as you like! Enjoy!

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Miss Jeanne said...

This is adorable! I can see different styles of paper for different people and all being gorgeous! I'm always looking for great gift ideas! Thank you!