Saturday, October 23, 2010

Accountablilty list Oct 23

Oh my! My to do list is pretty long today. I am wondering how much I will get done. I am kinda starting out late in the day but, better late than never right? And I figure if I write my list here I will have to be accountable for it! LOL I can check them off later in the day as I get them done.

Ignore if not interesting! I don't mind! LOL

DONE clear off work table on porch
DONE bring in baskets for basement
DONE sweep porch
vacuum sofa on porch (love those cats!) :)
DONE! vacuum LR
vacuum steps
DONE laundry basket 1
DONE laundry basket 2
DONE laundry basket 3 (sensing a trend here?)
DONE!--put new hardback books away to read later
DONE dusting Liv Room
DONE! -collect toiletries for flood victims from hall closet
DONE! -package up cards for troops to ship to KS
declutter kitchen cabinet
DONE sweep kitchen floor
DONE! make guest bed up

Goodness this seems like a big list. I better get crackin! Ready set go! 11:58 am MN time!
Will report progress later.


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