Friday, October 22, 2010

...and a few more cards!

I know it seems like most of my recent posts are about cards--and they are! I have been using my supplies and trying to create something useful from the stash. It seems to be working. :) Here is one more set of cards for the Operation Write Home collection for the troops overseas. My friend Sue gave me some adorable unmounted rubber stamps and one of them was perfect for this project.

I used my Copic markers once again and did a small platoon of
15 army cards. Now I have to pack up all the cards and send them off to Kansas so my regional shipper can get them going to the troops. I feel good about this project and in the last month I have made about 50 cards or more for the cause. I truly hope 50 soldiers--or 50 family members-- enjoy the cards.


Leslie G. said...

I have a daughter in the Navy -- those cards are adorable!

Christie Hund said...

So cute I love it!

Martha said...

These are adorable!! My nephew is getting ready to leave for his 4th tour. Who makes this stamp? Thanks for the tip!!