Sunday, December 05, 2010

25 Ideas of Christmas from Fran

One of my favorite contributors to our ScrapperChallenge group on Yahoogroups is Fran. She has been with us a while now and always pitches right in to post ideas, sketches and helpful information. For the holiday season, Fran volunteered to add a gift idea each day for 25 days to the group. Here is a summary of the fabulous ideas she has gathered so far! Fran and I both hope it inspires you to use your stash and get creative in the gifts you give. Handmade is truly a gift of the heart. And let's give a big shout out to Fran for sharing these with us!! :) Please also be sure to thank the original artists at their websites for sharing the ideas and tutorials too!

Dec 25th, Thanks card

Dec 24th Personalized Coasters by Fran

Dec 23 CD Case Calender (Oh Fran was tricky and snuck one in on me with this one--it's by me!) :)

Dec 22 Stamped Shrinky Dink Earrings

Dec 21 BHG's 37 Gifts to Make

Dec 20 part 1 Paint Can gift packaging -tutorial

Dec 20 part 2 Paint Can Ideas (what to put inside depending on who you are giving it to)

Deb 19 Paper Bag Purse

Dec 18 Pamper Me Pink Bath Salts

Dec 17 Gift Bags from Newspaper

Dec 16 Christmas Fudge

Dec 15 Notecareds set

Dec 14 Nugget Boxes

Dec 13 Snowman Soup

Dec 12 Box full of Tags

Dec 11 Garden Set

December 10 Fancy Pencils -We love PaperArts!

Dec 9 Post It Note and Pen Holder -another cute one from PaperArts!

December 8: 2011 Calendar on a Ring

Dec 7: Gifts in a Jar

Dec 6: Father's Frame

Dec 5: Beaded Candles

Dec 4: Ribbon Memo board:

Dec 3: Notebook Gift Set

Dec 2: Cake in a cup:

Dec 1: Flip Card and Flip Note Card holder



Funky Junk Sisters said...

Hi Kathy!
Thanks for posting your fav recipe on our blog....just letting you know you won the PRIZE. Send us your email and we will get it to you.

Linda & Dixie

Renée said...

Thanks Fran & Kathy for "highlighting" my Ribbon Board:)

Rockester said...

Renee you are so welcome! Thanks for sharing the tutorial online.