Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Boy and Baby Girl cards-DONE!

Baby Girl card on left with plain wax paper
Baby Boy card on right with embossed wax paper "leftovers" from wax resist Batik process

I finished the Feb. card swap baby cards for the local store where I work. I repurposed my leftover embossed wax paper sheets from the wax Batik resisit technique for the sympathy cards in the post below. I then used a scallop circle Spellbinder on the wax paper peices to cut them out. I added these scallop circles into the baby card layers just as if they were a vellum layer. They were more fragile than vellum would have been at this point due to the embossing. But I think if I had used a thicker grade wax paper in the beginning for the wax resist Batik process, these pieces would have help up even better. Either way, I was glad to put them to use --instead of into the trash can. As it is, they are perfect for greeting card use.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle--especially when it is something lovely like these pieces!

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