Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crafting Project 365

I just read about this today in the Simple Times newsletter and also here

Apparently it has been going on a few years now. Challenge yourself to do ONE crafty thing each day from your "projects to do" list. So far in 2011 I have actually managed to do this by default because it was important to me to really get moving this year --and keep moving--on my goals one by one.

I am genuinely excited to do this Crafting 365 Challenge as well as the sister challenge Photo Project 365 which is to take a photo each day. I have been keeping up on that. It's hard, but I have been doing it! I have a folder on my computer for my digital photo uploads.

Each week I should update the craft projects completed here. A sort of accountability, right?
Here is my month so far. Think I can keep this up?

Jan 1-8
gift clean up, daughters room cleanup, closet sort, wrapping paper organization, work class boxes emptied, page kit making (20) for wedding albums, lecture planning 2011, card samples x 6 for store, breadmaking

Jan 8-15
cheesy ham soup dinner, 70 wedding album x 3 pages which is about 10-12 pages each day for 7 days -still a few more sets to do but I got the bulk done this week., cleaned out 284 emails from SENT box.

Jan 15-22
web blog update and new header design, bedroom organization, card swap Jan Copic colored sympathy cards, more wedding pages (10), Seven baskets of laundry folded. I know that is not crafty but hey it had to be done and I feel the need to pat myself on the back for it. LOL, taught class x 4, got in touch with an old friend, altered the sleeves on SiL's coat.

Jan 22-29 sorted kitchen food cabinets, organized spice racks, grocery shopping, wrote genealogy notes for class lecture, made Hershey slider valentine prototype, designed Feb geneo layout for store, taught class x 2, wrote 2 letters to Ireland for info on one branch of my family, trip to donate to Savers, trip to donate to food bank. Add in there 20 single page kits for work, 20 double page kits for work, and 12 pages for my daughters book.

Also I headed to the new Trader Joes in town for groceries. (I have never been to one before and it seems kind of creative to me. It stretched my mind about food for sure!)

So far so good.

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Linda W. said...


I'm wondering if you know anything special about the shabby blogs update we need to do. The Gypsy I got from them early on is not available now. I see you changed your backgrd - so what is this one called?