Saturday, January 01, 2011

Scrapper's Challenge: a Goal a Month for 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you and I hope you will enjoy this year 2011 here at
My All and over at Scrapperschallenge!

We will be setting our own scrapping goals this year--one per month! You determine what you really need to work on and then YOU make it happen! We will show you how --and encourage you onward too!

We will still have the Club for recording our page creations in 2011! We always and continually want you to try to get more pages done!

Plus, I am going to post some monthly IDEAS for your organization goals on the Scrapper's Challenge yahoogroup if you don't have any set ones yet. This is either to give you ideas or certainly you can use these! I will be posting ideas for each monthly goal throughout that month and hopefully it will help you keep on track!

JANUARY- Planning and your Photos and Digital photo files-so you can get a grip on WHAT you want to do and how much of it you really have time for. Also layout sketches and great sites for those so you can plan.

FEBRUARY- Accents and embellishments- Sort these next so you know what you own and what you have to work with thru the year on the pages and kits you are going to make. Do PURGE the ones you don't really like or don't really need anymore. You need the peace of mind and the space more than you need a bad swap or clearance item from 2001.

MARCH- Paper. Both cardstock and patterned. How to sort it. How to use it in new ways. How to share the pieces you loath from that slab pack... LOL How to get a handle on sorting it all so you can USE it and find it fast.

APRIL- Tool Centers and the tools in them.... Plan your workspace so it WORKS for you.

MAY- Lumpy Embellishments --Oh we all have them! I love mine for all the texture they bring to a page. Let's use them and store them so we can find them! Oh and by the way how many eyelets do YOU need in 2011? *(cough)* How many yards of ribbon/fiber is too much?

JUNE- Page Kits ...Learn the true secret to my success and productivity! How did I make a 98 page 12x12 Germany album, three 12x12 wedding 30 page albums, a 56 page 12x12 childhood album, AND hundreds of other 12x12 pages ALL in 2010????

JULY- Christmas in July -Get planning and moving on those holiday goals BEFORE you have to panic. Look at what you have TONS of and make projects accordingly! We'll show you how.

AUGUST- Journaling It's time to Get er Done. AND do it in fun creative ways!

SEPT - Pages into books month- loose pages get damaged and lost. Get your pages DONE and get them actually sorted into the albums they go into!

OCT Scraps and Stamps and Cardmaking!

NOV- FAMILY HISTORY -how to do it and some great sites for it.

DEC Holiday Projects- Gifts and papercrafting to give.

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