Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sympathy Card Swap- DONE!


Doesn't it feel great to get something creative done? I made 19 sympathy cards today pretty much all identical. Just a slight ribbon change for the last three. Otherwise, I used Copic markers, one of my daughter's sketches (photocopied to multiply the quantity), and a set of my Spellbinders. I am drooling over this card background technique!

I was also super excited to incorporate a NEW technique (to me.) Wax paper resist on glossy photo paper with Distress Inks by Tim Holtz! I had the wax paper. I had a craft iron. And I had the 4x6 HP photo paper by the bagful! I have several Sizzix embossing folders. And of course big Tim Holtz fan that I am, I had the ink! It worked so well. I love the delicate distressed look it gives my card backgrounds! The bonus is that I even plan to use the remaining "used" sheets of embossed wax paper itself on baby cards for next month's Baby card swap! No way am I wasting such a beautiful embossed vellum-like leftover! (Don't worry I will post those when done as well so you can see.) :)

Here is a tutorial I wrote up about the process. I bet you have all the stuff you need in your house right now!

Embossing Folder Wax Paper Resist Technique - *Kathleen Aho

1. Cut regular wax paper to fit embossing folder.

2. Run wax paper through inside the folder just as you would for cardstock to emboss it in your choice of machine.

3. Place glossy 4x6 photo paper shiny side up on a heat proof surface or very firm ironing board. I used a wooden table and my silicone/teflon heat proof craft mat. Place embossed wax paper with it's raised surface facing down on the glossy photo paper.

4. Place one piece of scrap white cardstock on top as a "pressing cloth" to protect your crafting iron from wax and gloss finishes. Press 5-8 seconds on low iron setting heat or until the wax transfers to the photo paper. Keep your iron moving. You can see the wax pattern on the photo paper when you hold it up and turn it in the light. Set aside used wax papers since they can only be ironed once.

5. Use Tim Holtz Distress Ink to color the glossy paper to any color your prefer. The deeper you ink it, the more the wax resist shows off the pattern. Wipe off any streaks with a paper towel.

Uneven coverage is part of the Distress charm! Don’t try to be perfect.

6. Create your own delicate distress backgrounds, accent backings, and photo or journal mats. I used mine as card backings here. Who knew embossing folders could be 'reversed' in this way for such versatility? I thank those smart gals over on Splitcoaststampers for the concept!


Craft teflon mat or ironing board

crafting iron (any household iron that is no longer used for clothing so it is ok to get it "dirty")

Embossing folder shown here: Sizzix #6 Christmas Set --but any will work!

any Big Kick, Cuttlebug, Wizard, Texture Boutique or Big Shot rolling die cutting and embossing machine

Distress Ink used: Tim Holtz Broken China blue. Try lots of colors --or several on one piece!

Photo paper: 4x6 HP (any standard photo paper will work.)

Wax paper: I used grocery store HyVee brand --but any will do!

navy blue 1/4 inch chiffon ribbon

mini white brads

Copic markers

Spellbinders: bracket from Nestabilities


Katie said...

Oh wow, these are so pretty and it's a new technique for me too!

Just Me said...

Beautiful cards. I do have everything needed to do this technique. Thank you so much for sharing it.

twindolphin said...

Oh WOW, apart from the Sympathy cards looking stunning that technique is "ïncredible". Looks easy to do and comes out so effective.
I have been down in the enthusiasm department for quite a while lately but this has given me a firm kick in the posteria lol to get back into the flow.
Thanks for the enthusiasm and the easy to follow tutorial.

Skrapbuker said...

Oooooh what a fantastic idea! Oh how I wish I was creative to come up with something like this!

I have to try this ... must get an iron LOL


Debbie said...

Oh I can't wait to try this technique. I need some photo paper though. Thanks for the inspiration and instructions.


Linda W. said...

Just awesome - and I DO have all the supplies on hand. I needed a tag for a challenge and wallah - you gave me the inspiration!

Julie T. said...

This is new to me! I love this. I would love to learn how to do this technique! Thanks for sharing it.

Mary said...

What a neat use for embossing folders! But what is a craft iron? You mean there is a tool I dont have?

LLangstraat said...
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LLangstraat said...

Amazing and so beautiful. I can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing it.

LLangstraat said...
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LLangstraat said...
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Laura Murphy said...

Gorgeous card, I absolutely love the way it turned out, you rocked the wax paper!! Your daughter's sketch is awesome too, great way to utilize it!!
Laura Murphy

Denise L said...

Oh my gosh !! What a beautiful card !!! I am not sure if I am that creative, but I hope to give it a try :)

Rockester said...

Just to clarify, a craft iron is a regular iron that you no longer use for clothing! (In other words it's ok if it gets dirty...)

Karen said...

Beautiful cards! I have been totally into anything dealing with the embossing folders so it is great to see another way to use them. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

sbmama said...

This technique is great! Can't wait to try it out.

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea! I will be trying this. thanks for letting us all in on it!

Shauna said...

I certainly need to try this technique!! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Absolutely beautiful....who'd thunk to use wax paper in the embossing folders?!?! Great idea!
Michelle in NJ

Natasha K said...

Very cool idea!

Rachel said...

Great cards...thanks for sharing this technique, will have to try it!

mootseeka said...

so very cool and great photos for the tutorial.

Michele said...

These are beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing your technique with us!

jane allen said...

To do list:
Buy embossing machine
Find my iron
Try this technique!
Thanks for the instructions!

Colleen Y. said...

Thanks for sharing! I just tried this technique. I learned: I used C1S cardstock (10 pt.) which is semi-gloss.(I'm not sure if the design is less defined or not. Looks good to me! Perhaps the ink might be more vibrant). I can also use embossing templates that have little white space in the design. Do not use templates/folders which are "word" patterns (like the Cuttlebug "YOU"). The design always turns out backwards. The distress ink certainly does make a difference! Had a lot of fun and will be sharing this with ladies in my scrapbooking/card group! Thanks again!

budletsmom said...

I love this idea I found some glossy paper when going through my scraproom recently - of course now I have to uncover it again LOL. These cards are beautiful.

Sandy said...

Love, Love this idea. I tried it and it worked beautifully. Thanks for taking the time to put up the instructions on your blog

Rockester said...

And the winner is ....for the comment contest at my post tutorial on wax resist here


the winner is...randomly chosen post # 8
Mary said...

What a neat use for embossing folders! But what is a craft iron? You mean there is a tool I don't have?
2:59 PM

Yes Mary YOU win! And a craft iron is just any old iron you no longer use for clothing but you DO use for your crafting! I think a few companies sell specific ones for paper too --but I just use an old one on low setting.

Let me know your postal details privately at
Rockester@magnaspeed.net and I can ship you out your prize!