Tuesday, April 05, 2011

April is Tool Challenge Month!

April is all about the tools we use in paper crafting! Do we have too many? How do we use the ones we have? Which are your favorites?

Do you keep tools and craft items you know you don't care for?
Hoarding supplies makes us feel lots of things--It can make you feel the same
endorphins that you felt when you shopped. Hoarding can make you feel well-off
enough to buy, buy, buy. Hoarding can also make you feel "ready" for the future.
Ready and prepared to craft--or to supply a dozen friends to craft alongside
you. I get it. But hoarding tools and supplies of any kind also takes up space
and clutters your mind. Only keep and use what you love and that you know WORKS 100% of the time for you.

April is the month to really go through your tools and see if you have
duplicates. Are the tools in good repair? If something is broken, then it is truly a
hazard to you and to others who borrow it. I have been there when mis-aligned punches 'explode' sending spring-loaded metal pieces flying all over the room. Flying metal parts can hurt. I have pinched my finger in a faulty scissors. I have cut myself on dull trimmer blades. FIX IT or toss it out. Almost all tool companies will stand behind their products and replace them for free if they break under normal use.

And also do you NEED all those items? If you have a paper piercer, do you also
need a jumbo pushpin in your tool caddy as well as a 1/16 inch hole punch and a
Cropodile and a sewing needle for perforating?? If you have 4 styles of 2 inch
oval punches, do you really need that many redundant tools? How many circle
cutters do you own? Have you tried every adhesive on the market --and every
paper trimmer on the market? Do you STILL have them in your stash even if you
KNOW they don't work for you?

Sell, donate or gift your tool duplicates and the tools you no longer like to
another person who is just starting out. It may just be the perfect tool for
THEM! Get it out of your space so you can SEE what you have and you can grab
tools you LOVE.

Start evaluating your tools this month and let's streamline!

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Penny said...

I have the same little Scrapping Sweet Nothings and love it and I have the same color too!