Friday, April 08, 2011

SMASH books and COMPO books

I love this kind of project! Adding all the miscellaneous bits of life ( or just one adventure!) into a quick scrappy journal is so much fun. "Smash books" are the brand name from EK Success and K and Co partnering to bring you a ready made type of product for something we used to do on our own with composition notebooks from the office supply and our own stash of papers.

Wanna see a EK Smash Book? This is new from CHA but you can also make your own and we will talk about that in a minute.
Watch the video here
and of course those come with nice accessories like a combo pen/glue stick and giant rubber bands (LOVE those tools!)

But I honestly prefer to use my own supplies and not have it be so 'off the shelf'. We used to do these same books with $1 composition notebooks and either cover the outside with your own scrapbook papers or paint and rubber stamp the covers. Add in your normal scrapping embellishments too as well as postcards, doodles, memorabilia, notes to self, sales slips, ...whatever! Being creative is more than half the fun! :) Whether you call them altered books or junk journals or smash books--you can make one!

How to's and samples seen here

altered and painted covers- love these!

we also call them junk journals!


a little tim holtz flair

partial paper covering

I like to add rub on lettering or sticker lettering on the fronts and then I Mod Podge the covers of my notebooks for longevity after they are created.

You could also create a digital cover for your notebook like in the following tutorial if you are computer savey. If you are going to add spray on protective coatings or Mod Podge, make sure your print out is laser jet computer printing so the inks won't run.

if you have a Bind It All to make your own bound spine books, you can also make your chipboard covers and also the interior pages. Use anything you have on hand for interior pages by using lightly patterned two sided papers as your pages. Make a few pocket pages too and bind those in as well. Pocket pages are handy about every 5 to 7 pages throughout especially if this will be a travel journal.

Here are some great ideas on how to spruce up the outside when your book is all full!

Have fun with it! I have to run off to a wedding planning appointment right now but i will try to add a photo or two of my own smash books later today. :)


Amy said...

Hi Kathleen.
I just got your comment on my purple heart and couldn't find and email to message you back
but as far as we have found no, no records are kept. And this one has no extra inscription or papers tucked away.
I wish it did have something to go on so I could return it to the family.
thanks for visiting

Peggy K said...

After following your links, I did work on my own junque journal this past weekend. I'm loving it. And I was thisclose to picking up a Smash I'm glad I stopped by your place! Thanks!

Peggy K said...

I made one. I love it!!! Thanks for the idea and the link!

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