Monday, March 26, 2012


Now the next thing I am going to blog about is completely a MOM thing and yep, I am gonna be a bragger for about 55 seconds! And I do know my son would probably NOT approve of me saying anything here, but phooey! I have decided that I put in about 26 years so far so I have a right to shout how proud we are of him. LOL

My oldest, John, is graduating Rosalind Franklin Medical School (a part of the Chicago Medical School) this June. He will then be coming BACK to our hometown in Rochester Minnesota as a Mayo Clinic resident in cardio-thorasic surgery. That means he got his first choice. And that means Mayo Clinic is getting a terrific, hard working resident! What it means for me personally is that my all-grown-up boy and his sweet, wonderful bride of 4 years plus --both seen above--are coming back to town!

So excited and so relieved. And so very proud of all his long, hard work. I know residents work even harder and he has some long days ahead of him. But I also know he can do it. Bravo!

Love you John!


Vicky said...

Congratulations and brag away!

Monique said...

Congratulations!! All mom's are entitled to bragging time, and as mom's ourselves, we all get it and celebrate you! Good job!

Lori R Moore said...

Congratulation to you and your son! I'd be bragging too!

CHERI said...

How wonderful! What an amazing accomplishment...him for all his hard work and YOU for giving birth to him:) Congrats to you both...and we mamas have every right to brag.

mary said...

Congrats to you both and his lovely wife as well. My daughter -in-law is an anesthesiology resident at UIC.

Vickie Sheridan said...

Congratulations to your son and all of your family! That will be so great to have him close!! PS - You earned the right to brag all you want!!