Tuesday, October 02, 2012

So much to do and so little time!

Am I running in circles??
Do you ever feel like that?

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed the last few days with so many outstanding creative projects and not sure which way to turn to get ANY of them done. Where to start first? After talking to my wonderful daughter about it, she pointed out something I often say to others...

Start with the things that are the MOST IMPORTANT to get done first. Whether that is by priority of importance or by deadline of time, make a decision and get moving on that thing that really needs to get done first. Brilliant and somewhat obvious, right? Good call, daughter dear.

So I got off my tushy yesterday afternoon and decided the Lone Star quilt for my son needs to get done by Christmas which by the way is less than 90 days away!!! That is a Reality Check right?

In order to work on the quilt I needed to make room on my work table for the sewing machine.
Which meant I had to clear off the games I had stacked there instead of putting them away.
Which led to sorting the games out and DONATING 7 or 8 of them to charity. Good move!
Hubby then brought me my Fall decor for the front stoop and asked me what I wanted done with it. I stop for 10 minutes to make a little display instead of putting it off for week or two. Why not just DO IT? Came up with this.

Back to work...

Then I put away the 6 little glass canning jars I forgot to put away when I made salsa on Sunday.

Then I needed to push my worktable over a few feet.
Which resulted in me moving a vintage crock of pine cones out of the way.
That led to me getting the pine cones out of the crock --and instead of stalling around --to actually make them into fire starters ala Pinterest. I used up newspaper we had, the pine cones, herbs from my garden, and string! Of course I had to run out to the garden and nab some lemon balm and mint! I ended up making 25 of them for my son who loves his fire pit!

My sweet daughter in law came over about that time last night. As we talked about her looking for both a TV stand and a skinny Christmas tree, I found out she doesn't have a tree skirt for her Christmas tree-to-be. Now that they have their own home, they will have a full sized tree for the first time in 4 years. Well, guess what I volunteered to make?? A quilted tree skirt. That led to my running downstairs to look at my fat quarter fabric selections in red, green and gold. I found a few that will work but need to have her help me pick a few other coordinating fabrics tonight. I think that top red doesn't go with the others....Good thing she is picking a few more fabrics.

I think the tree skirt will be something like this:


or this:

or maybe this

Which one do you like? .....but I digress... LOL (part of my problem)

And back to the porch....
I then had to clean my table off, get the quilt back out of it's box and today I am actually sewing! Well at the moment I am blogging but you know what I mean. I kind of felt like a lot of things were getting in the way of my actually sewing. And they were. But I know one thing leads to another sometimes. I did make progress...just not on the lone star. LOL

Off I go....sew sew sew.


Anonymous said...

Love this one, really made me laugh. You did make good progress tho I think.

mamamoni aka Dawn

Tina Campbell said...

Wow that is gorgeous quilt top and I love the 3rd skirt choice.

scrapnhawaii said...

LOL!! Sounds like a typical weekend day of mine!!! The quilt star is gorgous, by the way!!!

TFS a typical day for everyone!!!! But I have to say it sure sounds like you got a LOT done, just not the things you expected ;o)

stash busting nurse said...

Wow, I love the lone star quilt top. Days like that drive me nuts. Each job you turns into another, then another. Sounds like you had a very productive day though.