Saturday, March 23, 2013

Indigo Blue Makes Me Happy!

Another UFO bites the dust!
I had forgotten all about these indigo blue blocks until four days ago when I was searching from my 1930s hexie quilt to work on by hand during tv time. Digging in the vintage hexie quilt project box (a quilt I also rescued from a garage sale), I found these older blue blocks mixed in with the spare 1930-40s fabrics.

Four of them were from a Missouri estate sale back in the late 1970s and I got a couple more of them from my grandmother's house in 2005-6. Since Grandma Helen didn't and doesn't sew, I knew she had gotten them from my great grandmother's cache. They are indigo dyed and calico with plain muslin sashings. All hand sewn seams in the piecing. I believe them to be 1860-1890 era.

I finished one block and added a bit more muslin to the sashings of a few of the smaller ones. I then sewed them up into a 8 block table runner.

I feather quilted in spiral free form feathers with echo quilting.

I added vintage blue barkcloth backing and more vintage lack and white bcalico for the binding. The calicos in the runner blocks each had a bit of black in the lighter calico prints. The calico binding fabric still had it's paper price tag on it! It is about from 1900-1910 and the tag read:
Clearance: 5 yards, 40 cents !

What??!! 8 cents a yard back then. When I tore the binding fabric on grain to make my french style binding, it gave of a mini cloud of dust! I guess that means it is aging and needed to be used!

Well it's done now and I can mark UFO 7 off the list!  I love my indigos!

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