Saturday, March 23, 2013

Row by Row We got it Together!

My Row by Row from 2002-03 is finally DONE!
This was my 6th UFO completed this year

I started this with an internet group back in 2002-03 and it took about 2 years to get my scrap box and the rows from the other participants back. There were 8 of us in the swap and we did our quilts round robin style. Our group of gals was Mary Ellen T in NY, Donna P in CA, Carol B in MO, Robyn W in IA, Renee B in MI, Linda S in IN, Lynn G in ND, and myself. Each person did a row except Lynn who I believe became ill. This quilt is made all from my own scraps packed into a box back then and sent round robin around the country.

I made three rows in this eight row quilt. I did the E row and the topiary trees row and the last extender row which I call Keep it Simple, Stupid. (After a common saying at the time). Many small online groups started round robins of 8 quilters. The entire quilt pattern was offered free online back in the day at by Patti Anderson. She designed it in 2000 as a type of millennium quilt. Each row was a commentary on twentieth century life.

The rows are: (our names for them not Patti's)
Stars in the Heaven
Friendship Baskets
Internet Webs
Home on the Phone
Spinning Spools
Atomic Energy
Topiary Garden (substituted for  Lynn's Point and Click)
Everything is Electronic
Keep it Simple, Stupid. (added by me for length extension)

 I sandwiched and quilted it in the last week.

I am linking up to Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project  The rows of this quilt were sewn in three panels of three to four rows horizontally so it could be free motion quilted in sections. I did this just random wiggle waggles, meander quilted about 1/2 inch to one inch apart on a DSM. The section fronts were then joined together, then the batting whip stitched together, and lastly the backings seamed by hand before again free motion quilting that particular joined seam sash area. I did it this way to refresh my memory on quilting in segments because one of my Tuesday students is trying this method for her next project.

Done is good!

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Melanie in IA said...

This is fun! I haven't done a round robin in strips yet. Maybe next year I can convince my small group to do that. Thanks for showing your work.