Tuesday, August 20, 2013



This lovely little table mat was a quick practice for some of my free motion quilting and happens to be my 29th work in progress. I purposely used cream thread so I could easily see where I was going and see where I needed to improve.


The center is free motioned with what I call flower fronds. I was inspired by Angela Walters video class at Craftsy but someplace between watching her video and going downstairs to sew, I lost track of how to do the backside of the flower!! Too lazy to go back up and restart the computer, I just winged it. LOL Yes that is me. So I improvised after the echoing and I like it!

The next small border out is pebbling and I learned that I like only one or two rounds of thread on a pebble. Not so into the look of the thicker thread painting that results with 4 or 5 layers. Maybe on a larger scale project or with a matching thread I would do more layers.

Lastly, I did some freehand feathers along the outer border. I learned to watch where I was going and that it is not too hard to control a smaller FMQ design. In fact I think it is easier to go small than to go big! And it looks more fancy too! Just make sure you are using a clear foot or an open toe foot! I am not sure it it is "correct" or not but I am often working a little blind (behind the foot) because on a border, I am pulling the fabric toward myself as I sew it.

Great little practical project and a fun way to get in some more FMQing on my domestic machine. Bit by bit we learn! Now on to the Next UFO!

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