Sunday, October 29, 2006

October COOKBOOK challenge from pasta to vegies!

........ok on to the catagories this week...Let's get sorting and get DONE with this cookbook. this is our last set of catagories. Finish up your cookbooks and report back in your pogress! I want to hear if you have gotten them into a system you can use and enjoy!

* • Pasta

* • Quick & Easy 30 minutes or less

* • Salads

* • Soups

* • Vegetables

Lets finish these recipe files and books up so we can USE them and enjoy them.
Is yours made for a gift?? Let's get it done AHEAD of the season....

and lastly, this page looked so great I had to add it in --even if it is a dessert!--for inspiration!

best wishes

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Gail said...

I did this challenge this month and I have to thank you! I'm not quite done, but I've got 2 Christmas gifts that will be complete within the next week. Again, thank you for the motivation and inspiration!