Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Love fresh flowers!

Don't you love fresh flowers? We have been seeing a lot of them around our home the last two months. Dd is taking a floral class and brings us creations on a weekly basis. We love the fresh flowers and the little lift they give us in spirit when we walk by. The only thing we don't like is the fact that the two cats have taken a definite liking to leatherleaf and statice! Maybe it smells like catnip or something? Dd has also been making silk arrangments for a client and those are all the winter whites and blues on the upper right photo on the long table. She does great work! The cornucopia is of course for Thanksgiving last week and below is one she did for Halloween.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Vintage Ribbons

Vintage ribbons and trims are a wonderful accent for a christmas page, heritage page or altered project . Heck i just love them because they look and feel so fantastic! I would rather spend time in a ribbon store than a candy store!

dolls and lace.com

Ribbon jar

french ribbons

JKMribbon has newer ribbons

retro 1960s

and Relient Ribbon has tons of selections

Simply beautiful! Rockester

Friday, November 17, 2006

$1.95 !! Chatterbox Dingbats for Holidays!

Wow! These are sooooooooo darling and timely and CHEAP! (One of my main criteria in online purchasing.) Look at all you get at Chatterbox.com for the $1.95 download fee:

mmmmm scrumptious!
This one is called CBX Celebrations
(Tell them Rockester sent you!)

NOV Scrap and Card Challenge: WINTER, CHRISTMAS, HOLIDAY themes

Here are some holiday card ideas (Not all are christmas and many can be adapted with change of sentiments)

Tearing and stamping

Drywall tapes! yes you heard me right...


dimensional small accents Vary the card size to fit your envelopes on hand!

pocket card for those wonderful family photos
(I plan to do a variation in the spring on this one for grad invitations/announcements!)

lots of themes

green buttons

circle punch

So pull out those holiday colors and the scrap bin (and some pop dots) and make some cards this long weekend. Instead of sitting around bloated ater thanksgiving, get moving on some cards! It will get you in the mood for that big shopping day on friday! :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tiny clips for ribbon from Cropper Hopper

Ok gals help me out here.....
Where have I seen these kinds of shaped clips before and tossed them out???? On socks? when you buy a new pair??? LOOKS SO FAMILIAR... and bravo for Cropper Hopper for making something that will hold down the ribbon ends! Yeah!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NOV Cards and Scraps Challenge; BIRTHDAY themes

Need another blast of creativity in the CARDMAKING department this week? How many cards did you make so far? Here we go again and the theme this set is for BIRTHDAY cards and Birthday projects with SCRAPS!

Take a peek. Get out the scrap bin and make a few spare cards to have on hand all year long or better yet make a dozen and give them as gifts!


snips and strips

templates and stamps

coordinating papers and punches

mini file folder

rub on leftovers

corner rounder and rubber stamped sentiment

circles and photo turns

one big flower and one big brad or button

enjoy! Let's get BUSY!!!!!!!

NOVEMBER challenge CARDS and SCRAPS for Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving card inspirations

vellum pocket and tags

stampled wording

dry embossing


stamped leaves


thanksgiving placecard for the table

watercolor pencil and labeler

tearing and twine

rafia and a flower

Saturday, November 04, 2006


(artwork by tia bennet for the susan komen foundation)

Today I was waiting for my daughter and her friend to get up from a very fun but very exhausting sleepover here at the house. I don't generally get up early on a sat. morning but hubby went fishing and I wasn't tired enough to go back to sleep so I made pancakes and bacon and chocolate milk and went to the laptop. Browsing blogs I see that a fellow scrapper webfriend Shel of my online friend kelly has just been diagnosed with a aggressive breast cancer. And she has two small children. I sincerely wish Shel the best even though she doesn't know me at all. Do what you can to support foundations that fight this disease like The Koman Foundation.

That brought to mind my own mom and her fight two years ago with the same illness. My mother was very fortunate. Early (but shocking) diagnosis and fast Mayo Clinic treatment (lumpectomy) along with radiation when she got back to the west coast helped my Mom. But you know it is not always so quick and easy. Do what you can. Check often, be healthy.

Another wonderful scrapbooker Tia Bennet has designed these items to help Shel's fight. Take a look.

I got this hoodie....and I will pray for Shel's future when I wear it...

.....and think of my mom with thankfulness for the extra time we have together.

Be thankful for those wonderful women in your life. :) Make it a priority.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Never Made a Card Before??

Wonderful helpful links to HOW TO for cardmaking even if you have never made one before. (It's not as hard as you might think!)






You too can make wonderful cards. Give it a try this month!
and if you have questions, we can help.

NOV Scrap and Card challenge: Fall 6x6 card ideas

Fall Cards
Remember that cards for notecard sized envelopes are usually 4.25x5.5
inches but you can make 6x6 cards too. Some stores --especially
scrapbook stores-- carry 6x6 envelopes now but you can also make your
own envelopes. (More on making envelopes and FREE templates in the next

6x6 cards: haloween- love how she used the dymo labeler for her

use small punch for color blocks

use up some of those neons and stickers!

square punch and a few bean shaped simple cuts and pop dots

work in some normal pattern papers in the right color scheme and Quikutz

6x6 just scraps

Have fun!!

Fall and Halloween Cards

image credits: http://www.masterpiecestudios.com/theme_halloween.cfm

I know you may have been working on halloween layouts and halloween cards or gift baggies this week. Let's use up some of those leftovers--and some from your stash--in our first set of inspirations. If you use browns, oranges, beige, tan, rust cardstock as a base and as blocky backgrounds you can easily slap on a leftover halloween theme tag, button, or pumpkin item. Heck just tie 2 or 3 different fibers around a 1x3 inch torn piece and poof you have a simple accent right there. Add wording (or not) and a card is done.

One tips I use is to make at least 3 cards in the same 'format' or layout at a time. It saves thinking up a new idea time after time and the people who GET the card don't know you made two other identical cards to send other people ...nor would they care! LOL

Halloween card inspiration and ideas seen at all these sights

quick and simple colorblocking and stickers. Love how she used smaller scraps and just printed mant sentiments at once on her computer on white cardstock


absolutely my style! Love the tear and chalk method

misc ideas

stamp your wording

or cut up one sheet of themed text paper-it makes many cards!

clip art pumpkins cut out

pet stamp repurposed for card

be unpredictable in how you lay out the elements (odd shape card with flap, sideways text, clear pocket with staples, sewn mat)

Use stripes and vintage art

Enjoy! And let's make some BOO-tiful cards with those odd scraps!!

November challenge: SCRAPS and CARDMAKING

Look at the differnet cards you can make! Use your scraps up this month! Photo by

Want to get a grip on all those scraps? Want some ideas for how to use
them up?
Would you like to give cards as gifts for the holidays or simply send
some homemade cards for once at LOW COST using up some of your stash?

Our November challenge on this loop (completely optional in case you are
new) is cardmaking with a highlight on using our scraps and odd
embellishments up!
So if you have a stack of 'somewhat boring' 8.5x11 cardstock, a file of
scrap papers (or 3 files or 10!!) and a bunch of embellishments.....lets
do it!
Sign up to do this challenge here
Just vote to join in the fun and you will be eligable for a prize at the
end of the challenge worth over $25. Participate and win!

Well, let's get it started in here! Make 20 or more cards this
month....some of you can do this in one day...I know you can! Making
more and more cards is certainly allowed too. It is great in fact! Then
you have even more cards to give as gifts during the holidays. :)

Grab those scraps and the first thing you should do is sort them by
color into an organizational sytstem of your choice....drawers,ccordian
files, hanging folders, zip lock bags, page protectors in a binder....I
don't mind what you use....just sort those scraps so that when we post
ideas you are ready to rumble! Ideas will be posted on the blog at the
link below as the challenge progresses. Our first set of links and ideas
for cards will be up friday and you can always go back to the blog to
see past posts for this challenge.
Start SCRAP-ing!