Getting More Done

If you are a crafter or scrapbooker and want to get more done each week, you can! I have been scrapbooking for 18 years--since the days of pure white paper and Mrs Grossman's stickers...I teach it, I write about it. I know this craft. 

Let my practical experience help you. Learn what works. Learn the tips and techniques that make will your creativity and productivity increase! It's all absolutely FREE on ScrappersChallenge Yahoogroup. I lead this almost 10,000 member group--and have for over 9 years. I share my knowledge of what to do--and what to avoid-- so that you can get your leisure time to be more fun AND more productive.  I want you and your family to have finished projects not just piles of photos --or hard drives of jpgs.
Join us! You will learn a lot!

Be prepared to focus on your goals!
 Scrapper's Challenge 

Have lots of supplies? Want to get organized? Want to get motivated? We offer a no nonsense list with daily and biweekly challenges to keep your scrapbook areas tidy and finishing your albums as the goal. Scrapbooking topic or Organizational topic posts only please. Home organization and Flylady methods used here! :) Welcome if you are ready to WORK to make your scrapbooking areas and supplies work better for you!

No ADS or spam please. AD DATE IS ONLY ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH. Scrapbook Swaps, New Yahoogroup announcements, trades, or extra supplies for sale by INDIVIDUALS (not businesses) can be posted ONLY once a month ONLY on the 1st (first) date of each month. Members who abuse this policy can be banned from the group.

This is a high volume mail list with about 15 to 25 messages a day. If your mail server has trouble with this volume, choose to go NO MAIL and read from the website or filter your emails for "Rockestertm" posts only.   Join us and let's get organized together! (Note: Do NOT go on Special Notices mode as that will result in no mail.) Yahoo takes up to 56 hours to process new memberships. Please allow up to 3 days for Yahoo to catch up on new data.

See you therre!