Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Here is a little stack of goodies that you might be able to use on some upcoming New Year 2007 or Holiday party type pages....We have for you
lots of free clip art sites appropriate for vintage or modern clip art needs for digital pages, cards, or printables for standard pages. Check them out, save the images and add to a page set....

Happy 2007 and may all your resolutions and goals come true with a little hard work and perseverance!

vintage look postcards

all kinds of New Years graphics

more black and white styles -use like rubber stamps

rubber stamps to buy

coolest of the cool for 2007 from SHABBY PRINCESS
I can see lots of these digital items on a New Years Party page set

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Here we are! This was our hoilday photo 2006 Dh and I are in center. My babies are sooo grown up. We look forward to the New Year and wish you lots of success in all you do!

I have the start of a very nasty throat cold today. Feels like a chest cold is next-- I am having trouble talking. Leave it to hubby and dear son to tease me and say that was a GOOD thing! LOL Big goobers.

Nite all

Sunday, December 24, 2006

January 1st- The Great Purge contest

artwork from

Ohhhhhhh let's ring in the new year by getting RID of the old one!

Purge all the old stuff you no longer want, use, or like and make room for the best of the best. Keep only what you LOVE. Your home and your life will feel so much more in control.
Purge the old stuff to charity, ebay, friends, new college students, or wherever you feel it needs to go that is OUT of your home. Start in the craft room and scrapbook area and work your way around the house. Let's start GATHERING UP STUFF for our great purge for 2007 RIGHT NOW!

Leave me a note here ( in the form of a comment) about what you are purging and YOU could win a $25 dollar value prize!!

This Great Purge Comment Challenge lasts until January 15th.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Scrappers Challenge Design Team Members: CONGRATS!

I am so very happy to present the listing of the Scrappers Challenge Design Team! Here they are...ready and willing to help make Scrapperschallenge even more inspirational and vibrant. They are such a wonderful, gifted and enthusiastic bunch. I love them already!

In no particular order: Here are the 24 winners!
Rebecca Murman
Sherin Miller
Geri Brown
Fran Kawakami
Faith Malazarte
Carolyn Winslow
Carrie Romero
Laura Weber
Kathyrn Stapleman
Allie Gower
Jennifer Roth
Cathy Lucas
Carol Paskovitch
Christina Castellano
Dianne Nelson
Jo-Anne Price
Kiria Martinez
Chelle Perry
Melanie Harris
Karen Bodie
Laura Roberts
Julie Van Der Pol
Gretchen Edwards
Dorothy McCarthy
Debbie (d10d7)
Dawn B