Thursday, March 06, 2008

Layouts from Sketches

Be sure to click on the photos to see dimensional details. (That's half of the fun in my work!)

How do I use sketches?

People have been asking me to show some of my recent work here and I am happy to do so. People are also asking me specifically just HOW do you make a sketch or layout from online or in a magazine into a finished layout of your own? Do I copy it exactly --or just in general idea? Or do I measure and fuss? Do I keep the same color schemes?

Well here are a few of my recent one and two-page 12x12 layouts and their corresponding inspirations (off to the left in each photo). I don't measure and fuss. I do let the origninal inspire me in a general way. I work with whatever colors suit my photos or my mood. Or my stash in some cases! Some of the layouts look more like the starting sketch/pic than others! But that's all just where my imagination takes me. :)

The above and below layout set is simular to the pic/sketch at left by Kelly Goree but I changed up the colors to be Valentine oriented. I added the two large hearts to reinforce the holiday idea. I left off the journaling box so that I had room for the two large hand cut hearts. My daughter will add hidden journaling behind the big photo mat/hearts at top if she wants. The bracket shaped paper came in a stripe but I only had one piece. That meant I had to search the stash for a coordinating paper and make the second page at lower right on my own. I don't mind improvising because I do want to use wht I have and also it is just a background for the photos which are the focus. I traced the bracket shape and cut it by hand. I then added the double edge line borders with a brown zig pen.

The above and below layouts utilize the same photo. The layout below is for the fellow's book and one in pinks above is for my dd. Same photo but different sketches. In one I was trying specifically to use up leftover pink scraps. In the other, I was specifically trying to use up to LOVE vellum title. Let your lefotver supplies lead you to use a sketch. It works. Photos don't always have to lead the layout.

I often take a sketch with multiple photos side by side and interpret it to be ONE big photo. Graphically it is the same impact on a page. (Sorry these two look a little dark. I think my flash battery was going low)

I loved this sketch below --and the fact that the layout was in black and white. While I went sepia, not black and white, I was still able to get the look I wanted. Note that just because an inspiration layout has a child or baby in it, that doesn't mean it can't work for older subjects.

I don't always work on current photos. Sometimes I reach back in the box and pull out a few oldies to work on depending on my inspiration and mood. The layouts below don't have sketches alongside, but I wanted to share them anyway. Note the pocket page for the hockey program. And note the ratio I use of pattern paper to cardstock on the cheerleading page and the 2005 County Fair page. I usually go for 1/3 to 2/3 ratios.

Note the use of a large journal block as a graphic balance to two photos.

The clustering of plain stickers makes them more palatable on the Fazolis layout. Don't do shotgun sticker-izing. :) Plan and tuck.

Below, I try to make sure I am also making layouts about myself and my hubby too. Too often we get second shift to the kids in the albums! (Sorry about the glare of the flash)

The "Kiss Me My Valentine" layout below is reversed (oops) in the photo --but that layout is for us too! Be sure to click on that one because it has lots of dimension and inking that is hard to see in the small pic. I still have to get the photos printed for that layout.

I often make layouts without the photos and add photos later. (Note there are not any mats on the page.) I can still be flexible with my photo sizes and counts. This is particularly easy with all the new BIG shapes on backgrounds that are so hot right now. I love the trend to big, big circle papers, bracket papers, and heart papers like I have on this blog entry. If I can't find them or afford them, I cut my own.

Sometimes I work from stash or from the clearance aisle! The below sets are from a friendship album we are making for my daughter's best college campus friend. They are all American Crafts I believe-- off the clearance.

I don't just use my papers for pages. I love to alter things too. This is a day planner book binder that needed a new cover. A few sheets of older Basic Gray, one sheet from a Provo slab, some inking, and a few leftover rub ons and, poof, I had a cover. Note it is green and that is our focus paper color in March. :)

This planner binder may be one of my future prize giveaways here on the blog! I am REALLY into planners right now and think everyone should have one!! :)

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my Feb and March work. Sketches and inspirations pieces can lead you to some creative and fun pages!
Leave me a comment!! :) Let me know what you think.


Dorothy said...

Hi Rock,
Your layouts are fantastic!!!
Great Job!!

LJ said...

Love seeing your spin on the sketches. I'm a sketch-user too...sometimes I don't think I remember how to scrap w/o them!

Tracy said...

Love your pages Rock!! I also get inspriration from ads, mags and sketches. Helps me get more done and not have to think so hard!

Janet said...

Really great, I love how you make the sketches your own. I think I will try doing more with sketches just to see what I can do. Thanks for sharing.

Virginia Brenton said...

I love the layouts... and the hearts with the cut edge are awesome (did you hand cut them or do you have a tool that will do that ??? too COOL) Rock your daughter is beautiful. I'm gonna have to give sketches a try, I do so much better when I have some inspiration ..... AWESOME, AWESOME !!! Thanks so much for sharing

Erika said...

Thanks for showing us how you utilize sketches. I got some great ideas!

Lizzy Simpson said...

I love these layouts, and I love how you've shown the sketch and your take on it. Really gives me an idea of how to use sketches more effectively.

It always amazes me how detailed your layouts are, yet you're able to do so many of them each year. Really wonderful!!!


Anonymous said...

Great layouts. I have to agree w/ the planner, never used one until 2 yrs ago and now can't live without it. My planner and cellphone don't leave my side and go everywhere w/ me.
Columbia, MO

Sherry (SJesusfan) said...

Hey, love looking at your sketches! I have 2 books of sketches, plus numerous that I have printed off line, but I have never been able to get the hang of using them....maybe seeing yours will help me a lot! Also, it was AWESOME!!! to see the strips of paper like you used, those were really great ideas!! thanks! Sherry

Cindy Van Sluys said...

Hi Rock!
Thanks for sharing your sketches, they are wonderful. Since I am just getting into scrapbooking.....though not a newbie, just time to do more than's nice to see your thought process in action.


Dollie Evans said...

Love your pages and seeing your inspiration. thanks for sharing

Janet said...

beautiful work and very inspiring; I've been away from the yahoo group for several years and just came back--it's so good to be here again; thanks for all you suggestions, inspiration, and WORK on this site.

Just Me said...

I love sketches. Sometimes that's the only way I can get a page done. Love your layouts.