Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scrapbooking Classics making a comeback!

a classic layout from Scrapgirls

But really the classics never went out of style! Just like the little black dress for fashion, some techniques are timeless.

Scrapbooking classics are always in style--especially when you want to do pages on a budget. I have been scrapping about 17 years now and have seen a LOT of trends--and can pick out the classics too:

brads and ribbons
journaling and titling by hand
handcut shapes and paper piecing by hand
color blocking
paper folding with your scraps
computer journaling
computer border printing and titling

I heard someone comment yesterday they were never going to scrapbook because it costs too much! ??? Of course you CAN spend oodles on a page layout--but you don't HAVE to!

How do you save pennies on your scrapbooking these days?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Halfsies Challenge: Kitchen week!

It is the second week of April! Is your kitchen out of control?

It's time to try to decrease our extras in the kitchen area!
Clutter freaks--come out of that pantry!!! Yes you! I can see the Tupperware and plastics exploding out of the cabinet. I can see the old stale cereal behind the maple syrup bottle! Let's get busy this week in the kitchen zone.

Foods: If it is old and stale --toss it. If you really don't like it (think salad dressings, marmalades, sauces, mustards, food gifts from December that you haven't even opened, etc) but it is still good, then donate to a food shelf TODAY! It's not getting any more tasty or fresh sitting in your cupboards.

Kitchenware: you know we all accumulate a LOT of it over time.
Seems like every fast food and gas station chain has a promo and a plastic cup collection. LOL Recycle the cups and plastics or donate them. HALF is the goal. Decrease the food storage plastics in your kitchen by HALF this week. Keep the sizes that WORK for your family. Really evaluate what you reach for all the time and just keep those kinds. And if it is peeling, chipped, broken, or stained badly--just recycle it! Let it get reincarnated as a new cup next month...LOL

Furnishings: How do all these other things creep into my KITCHEN? Plastic bags from non-food shopping, a spare armchair, piles of office papers, coats? Take a HARD look at what is in your kitchen.

The kitchen is for
Food Prep
sometimes homework or hobbies at the kitchen table

All those other items--well they need to march right back OUT of my kitchen so the kitchen has room to be a KITCHEN again. Same thing with silk plants, misc memo boards, and toys...Remove permanently at least half!! Keep only the biggest memo board and USE it or lose it. You have other rooms in your home for those other activities. Refresh the idea of what KITCHEN is--and is not. Then go and sort and do the kitchen Halfsies Challenge accordingly!

50% in the kitchen. Let's do it!