Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sooo much going on for us and I am in the thick of things. In a good way.

Two weeks ago we had our daughter home for the very end of her spring break. Last weekend I went to Brookfield Milwaukee to get Copic certification--which I LOVE. I will be coloring more soon and sharing soon. And this week I have been to the big city to do some bargain scrapbook shopping as well as get some supplies for bridal shower favors, wedding favors, and help a friend find her dream stamp cabinet at IKEA. Today I am buckling down here at home and getting a new dining table into the dining room and a new worktable in place downstairs. Tomorrow we are going to a pro hockey game with our daughter back up in the big city. :D

Hectic? yep. a little bit. But it will all come together. I am working on all the handmade wedding invites again this week and weekend. I will post things as I can so you can see all the creativity popping around here like pop rocks!

Like the commercial says, zoom, zoom, zoom!

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