Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CHRISTMAS IN JULY Envelope books

I just love this idea--mainly because it is a project I have ALL the supplies for in my home right this minute. I have about 100 large white 6x9 envelopes from a garage sale sitting in my studio. I also have lots of chipboard and a guillotine cutter that can trim those down to any size. This project uses just a couple of different sheets of paper so I can use up my oddball papers--and this little album can serve a function. I plan to tuck a greeting card in each pocket and label the four pockets:
Get Well
Congrats/Thank You (People probably send more thank yous than congrats?)
Thinking of You
and thus making it a card organizer if they want it to be. Maybe I will make it a 6 pocket if the folded spine can accommodate that many pages.

I plan to make about 20 of these adorable envelope albums by assembly line method. Cost??-negligible! Just my time and I really figure I can do all 20 in one day if I start organized.

Use that stash!

I just love projects that are a Win, Win situation and I am excited about this one. Since I make greeting cards all year long, I already have a stash of about 200 cards ready to fill them up too!

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