Monday, July 18, 2011


I think we all know the basics of how to make these looped decorations simply because they were a part of each of our own youthful, elementary school years. I loved these do-it-yourself holiday preparations. I remember making them in grade school in 1967 with plain old red and green construction paper. Back in my childhood, we were allowed the to hang them on a Christmas tree in our school classroom. My own children made them in the 1990's too but during those years they had to bring them home and hang them on their home trees. I have since come to find out that these are a scandinavian tradition which is great because I am a quarter Norwegian and my children are a quarter Finnish!

You can make the chains as long as my son did--about 20 feet! Or shorter is fine too. Papercrafters can update the look of paper chains to be much more than red or green or white. How about using stash and scrap pattern papers? Use lots of smaller pieces and diminish your stash! I would cut my 1x5 inch (or 1.5 x 7 inch for jumbo chain) pieces in bulk if possible. The more colors you use and the more textured papers you use, the more colorful and fun this will be. You don't want the kids or yourself to get bored while gluing!

Set out some 'clean' snacks like Chex Mix and make an afternoon of it! You will end up hearing some pretty interesting conversation over those paper chains! Build a memory.


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