Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CHRISTMAS IN JULY - Photo stationary

Print your own photos and make photo stationary! Use photos you have on hand (think nature shots?) or print some out in bulk. Pair the photos with a solid base card and a sentiment stamp. Super simple!

My daughter just got married last month and we had about 55 leftover save the date photo cards here. (It was a bulk deal where 200 cost us the same as 150, so of course we got the 200 --even though we knew we only would send 150.) What to do with 50 adorable photo cards that will probably be 'out of date' when winter rolls around in 6 months? I trimmed them up and make some spare thank you notes for the newlyweds! I have quite a collection of rubber and acrylic stamps so I love using them here for the THANK YOU. Cost per use, you know!

I used stash jewels and stash cardstock and envelopes too! I had purchased the blue cardstock and matching envelopes in bulk from Anchor Paper when my son and his wife got married about 4 years ago. They went with a different style back then, so this nice quality paper was still in my stash. It feels great to get several more things out of the 'inactive' pile and onto a useful project like this. And Thank You notes are something my daughter said she needed more of this week. Win, Win situation.

Here are some other ideas for using photos as gifts.

These kinds of personalized cards are not too expensive and lots of fun to make!


mary said...

Very nice! Did you use a spellbinder die to cut the photos?

Rockester said...

No Mary, her save the dates photo cards had that little white bracket around the couples picture so i just cut along that. But you certainly could use a spellbinder die for it. Very similar in size and shape.