Thursday, July 28, 2011

I think I am a little bit nutzzo...

about 6:35pm Thursday

I may be a little boinkers after midnight because at about 12:16pm last night (Wed) I came up with an idea. Not a simple idea or just a little task or anything doable in an hour. No. but a rather larger task...really I should not be allowed to THINK after midnight. I get these ideas...and this one really means work for myself. In the next two weeks. Hmmm. Nutzzo... yes.

Our youngest is now newly-married and moved to Pennsylvania--and we hope blissfully happy. This is how she left her room in the post-wedding -pre-moving turmoil of that last month at home. Simply put, it is chaos. LOL

Now for my great idea...
I call it the 1, 2, 3 Challenge for myself

Can I take this:
(Click on any photo to enlarge it.)

ONE room

and make this room work for TWO purposes over the course of TWO weeks

buying only THREE things --yes I said buying ONLY 3 things --total!!??!!

My goal is to create a new shabby chic guest room and office space using furniture and knick knacks (and so on) from my own home and pretty much reinvent this room? (And yes, she really did have a pair of shoes in each and every one of those shoe cubbies!)

Can I do it? I think I can, I think I can.
Why the two week deadline? I am having guests visit in August and I would love for this room to be DONE by then. And I do work very, very well on a deadline.

What am I sitting around here for? I have stuff to DO!
1. 2. 3. go!


UPDATE: 9:33pm Thursday
One of my inspirations last night when I was blog-hopping was this wonderful blog.

I guess you would call it Shabby Chic but it is even better than that. I love all the items and textiles and old curiosities and furnishings. She does such a lovely job of it that I was inspired.

This is what I got done tonight in a few hours. I cleared the room. Whew!

Then I changed out the deep purple balloon valances and the silk flowers-on-sheers for this lacey set that I had in the linen closet. I didn't realize it but one of them was chopped off at the hem. So I just hid that one behind the tower of stacked cubbies. (I will share that after I fill it up with fabrics and supplies and antiques) I then topped the curtains with two cream valances. I had bought the valances with my daughter's apartment in mind (a month ago at the SAVERS secondhand store) but once we got them out to Pennsylvania, we didn't like them for her place. So I brought them back to MN. Yeah!

I decided to move the bed and make it up since it was a big eyesore unmade. I had to decide on one of six bedspread/coverlet choices. See below.

Immediately, the red one (far right) had to go as I was not into that color for this room. I am not repainting the room, so I want to keep to the pale yellow, lavender and teal greens. (Similar colors to what you see here on my blog art)

The down comforter duvet was way to bland (front left-creamy tan) and way too warm for summer anyway. Into the closet it went for winter. Chocolate brown (middle left) didn't really pull anything from the existing room wall colors. So that left the white chenille vintage spread (lower right) or the two blues (top). I chose the white chenille just cause it is homey and it reminds me of my grandmother's farmhouse beds in the 1960's.

The chenille bedspread also made a great backdrop for the accent pillows. I have about 13 accent pillows all around the house. With three beds and 4 sofas, it is easy to find lots of pillows at my house. My daughter also left two bolder ones behind. Everybody auditioned for a bedtop spot--but I had to toss out the lime green pillow and a deep purple pillow. They were just too bold for the look I wanted. For now I selected these below. I might tweek that more later.

And look what I found UNDER the bed when I moved it? The green afghan. I thought she took that to PA with her. Well, I can certainly use that piece here. We are making progress! Stay tuned!


Karen said...

Wow! Good luck with that. What a cool way to challenge yourself! And to use what you have is such a wonderful idea! You will have to share your results with us so we can ooh and aah over the 1,2,3 magic you did!

Angela - MN said...

I'm excited to watch your progress. Good luck!