Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Dresser Re-invented :D

This 5 drawer dresser in the corner needed a facelift. After ten years of service, it was looking a little torn and tattered. Now I like tattered--but not sad and worn. The good points are that it has 5 ample drawers that still glide reasonably smoothly, is all real wood, has it's wonderful original knobs , an adorable skirt detailing--and I already own it. LOL

Click on any photo to enlarge it.


But the birds and vines painted on the front have to go. Like the memo board in that last post, it was just a little too 'themey' for me.


(Don't worry I painted them on many years ago, so it's ok if I repaint, right?)

So here I go....I repainted the fronts all white. And then I added a dry brushing of a teal blue. I decided when the blue was dry it was a tish too bright. So I whitewashed the blue again.

Five drawers means I have room for five words, right? I went back to my foam stamp stash and found several that would work. I decided not to do individual lettering with individual font stamps because I had several complete words that would work great and be a heck of a lot less trouble lining them up. Lazy sometimes works in my favor LOL...

I chose these:
MAY YOU SMILE LAUGH AND LOVE and stamped with teal acrylic paint.

Close up of one drawer:

And now for the big reveal!!! drumroll....


A little tamer than the birds and vines...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and REPAINT!

And may you always smile, laugh and love!

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Karen said...

That turned out beautiful! Great job reusing it. Those old wooden dressers are so much nicer than the stuff they sell now so you are lucky that you have it. Love the words on it...as always, so creative!