Sunday, August 07, 2011

Greeting card frenzy! Love it!

It's a card fest at my house!


6 ornate red general purpose cards.

8 regular sympathy cards

8 pet sympathy cards in green

6 cute owl birthday cards

12 blue asstorted background Just for You girls with Copic coloring.

6 Orange hello girl with pleated paper ribbon and 6 Smile cards hand colored with Copic markers. 4 Thinking of You flowerpot cards with texture folders and Copic marker coloring.

WHEW! But sooo much fun over the last 4 days.

Being creative-- and knowing that you are making something worthwhile for others-- with your time and supplies is what it is all about. Here is what I have been up to the later part of this week. Using stuff up and making cards for gifts, trading, and for sale. Love it!

And, yes, I do make them to sell! If you like some, let me know...


Dorothy said...

Excellent cards Rock!!!

Robyn said...

Here from the H.L. Show and Tell. beautiful cards! I love making them as well...very therapeutic.

Nicole said...

Love the cards Rock. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...
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