Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September is Finish It Month!

Summer is winding down. School starts soon--or already has for some. It's time to start focusing on our "indoor" goals again. It's a natural time to switch gears and refocus. In Sept. let's get all those loose pages DONE, journaled and into albums!

Do you have almost-done pages sitting around in your totes, on your desk and so forth? Do you just need to add one more little thingy? Add a title?? Journal a bit? Slide them into protective sleeves? Get them into their desired order and add them to an actual ALBUM??

You are not alone. I bet we all have a few more of these than we care to admit. 90% done. But just not there....

September is the month to get that tiger by the tail and conquer the clutter! YES I said clutter. How can your lovely scrapbook pages EVER be clutter????

Because no matter how hard you worked, no matter what product you used, no matter how cute it is--if it is not DONE and it is not in it's right place (either gifted to the person you made it for or in it's final album--it is not out of your way. It is sitting someplace in limbo. Just like the dishes you intend to finish washing. Just like the clothes that didn't get hung up.

Let's treat our lovely pages with more respect. Let's get them DONE and into their books~

Just in time for the winter holidays when we can just plain share them with family! And since I was a little lax in August with the journaling prompts that I meant to focus on, I will send those across the wires too when I see some good ones. That will help us journal more and complete those pages too.

Let's get busy! If it needs a flower, add it. If it needs glue-ing down, glue it! If it needs changing, then change it! What are we waiting for? Just get it done. Please share your journaling tips at ScrappersChallenge as well and if you are getting pages INTO BOOKS! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

You must have been peeping into my Scrap Studio at midnight. I'm up for the challenge. Ahorsesoul in WI

Joyce's Journey said...

Ah, if only it were that simple. Love your idea. I will give it a shot. Thanks for the inspiration!