Monday, May 21, 2012

  I am in the Garden...

A day in the garden is bliss but two or three in a row in a beautiful Minnesota springtime is  heavenly. Let me sit in the shade at my tile table tops  and I will plant plants into pots all day long. Peppers, tomatoes, turnips and poppies and coleus and zinnias...I think I have planted from seed about 40-50 varieties of flowers and vegetables and yard plants this spring and I am not done yet. I garden just about like I scrapbook. I make a goal, I find my best choices for re-purposing the resources needed, and then I coordinate my use of these items to benefit my family and my friends and local charities.

I have gotten a lot of gardening done this spring. You can blame it on the limitless source of  $5 for 450 pounds of black compost soil available locally at the city grass composting facility. Or blame it on the three people on Freecycle who gave me FREE containers and pots--literally hundreds of them. Or blame it on seed forum traders and my wonderful gardening mentors there who each sent me more seeds than I can use in any one year. Kind and generous folks for sure. (Or maybe they were just de-cluttering their stashes like we do in scrapbooking?!) Never fear, I do share.  I have already given away rhubarb, morning glories, onion sets, pepper seedlings, ferns, seeds, and even vinca too. 

I have certainly ruined even my oh-so-simple manicure. But it is so very worthwhile when I get a good crop of anything. Starting this week with roses...we have thousands of roses in just ten or twelve feet of space off of our 4 basic 27 year old espaliered red rose bushes. So now you know one of the reasons I am not blogging. It's time for me to be in the garden. My use-what-I-find style of gardening is economical, yet all that work is still my complete and simple bliss.