Friday, February 15, 2013

February Projects!
I just finished 3 more Works in Progress projects this week. Here are some pics.

Don't you just love these 6 inch clam shell style cases? Adorable! These coordinate with the tote bags I have been making lately. 

I call this next bag the red tote bag even though there are many more colors to it than that.  Truly beautiful in Moda fabrics called Marmalade. Most of my tote bags measure 12 inches high x 15 wide x 4 deep. I give them as gifts and want my friends to be able to use them for scrapbook papers, albums and project boxes if needed.

 Below is my second sunflower tote bag with this combination of fabrics. I have used up this part of my stash now (YEAH!) and will move on to my other lovely stash fabrics. After the photo was taken I added an accent sunflower button yoyo to the center upper green pleat square.

This weekend we are having a cyber-sewing-retreat from the Stashbuster quilt group and for it I have been working on my son's blue Lone Star quilt again. I fixed a problem with a too-small backing and have basted the rest of the quilt with my handy-dandy speedy basting gun. I decided that the zillion straight pins I was using were NOT working for me. Pins work for small projects but not big ones. Straight pins and safety pins are not a great way to baste this double to queen sized quilt. The pins were a problem.  I don't like getting poked when free motion quilting. And even closed safety pins snag on things and impede my sewing movement when the project is this big. So the basting gun came to my rescue. Luckily I had one in the drawer and lots of those little red refill baste-ey-tags.

I hope to continue quilting it tomorrow and sunday and make some real progress on the Blue Lone Star. Wish me luck!

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