Monday, February 11, 2013

Purge 1 item in 5! Challenge 2013 for February

February's Challenge room is the bedroom. So off I went to purge 1 item in each category where I owned 5 or more of something. Five pairs of sneakers? Get rid of one! Either the master bedroom or kids rooms works for the challenge but I worked mainly in my master bedroom and closet.

I read that we really only need to keep about 3 weeks of clothing for any one season (if your climate has true seasons) 21 days. For me in MN that means 21 winter outfits and 21 summer outfits. I am sure I can fudge a few of those into Fall and Spring. Well I am not sure I am down to that yet suggested number, but maybe someday. I did do a big master closet purge though! Go for it and try to purge 1 item for every 5!

From my closet:
32 winter blouses and non-sweater tops. I decided to get rid of 6. That took about half an hour.

Next I went through my winter cardigans and zipper front sweatshirts and sweaters. I have 26 of these so I got rid of 5. Great progress!

Skirts: I had 7 skirts which I almost never wear so I got rid of 2 of them.

Slippers: purged one pair out of 3 of my house slippers. Time to use up the other two! :D 

Swimsuits, I purged 1 in 4, 

Swim Coverups purged 1 in 4, 

Dresses purged 1 in 6, 

Shoes purged 4 pair in 19, 

Short sleeved summer tops purged 6 in 18!! 

Long pants: I donated 5 pants in 21

Capri length pants: These are my summer staple. I don't own shorts. Had 13 pair and purged 2. I am sure the remaining 11 will suit my summer needs just fine! LOL

The grocery sacks of these purged wardrobe items went to Goodwill and Savers and I feel so much more streamlined. Everything actually fits in the closet again and I actually LIKE the items I kept. This makes it much faster and easier to find what I want to wear each morning. By putting my hands on every item, trying them on, and purging out the extras, I now know what I actually have and what I might need. 
Lessen the load by 1 in 5! You will be glad you did.

I recommend everyone clean out their closets this month!

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