Sunday, September 10, 2006

September Challenge: Holiday Gifts

Using our scrapbook supplies to make holiday gifts is not only smart but economical! If you start now you have time to create your own handmade gifts that are truly special. Better yet you can use STASH up to do so and it will hardly cost a new penny!

You have seen here my Lunchboxes on Parade using side opening lunchboxes. Today I am going to share a little more on other kinds of boxes you can use, sources to look for them or buy them and some idea galleries. In later blog posts I will share a few more gift ideas like 2-up recipe albums, altered clipboards, journal jars, and altered school supplies. So stay tuned and check back often! I will also share tips with you for finding alterable items CHEAP. I consider it a form of earth-friendly recycling.

Check ebay for project inspiration. Some of the most talented scrapbook artists in the world sell there and boy are they creative! Our first task is to search under keywords SCRAPBOOKING and LUNCHBOX together in the search box and you will come up with hundreds of good ideas.

You can also look here in the gallery at Scrapjazz for "Lunchboxes" of varied types

I know there are awesome examples at
also. Search their Peanut Gallery (top green bar has a Search feature)

After you browse for ideas, make a list of the people you want to make gifts for this christmas. Think about THEIR interests. If Dad likes fishing, make him an outdoor tool box style altered metal box to put his very own snacks in! If Junior likes chess or football, make him one in that theme to put his winning ribbons, programs, memorabilia or letter patches in. If dear daughter loves to sew, make her a sewing kit with the newest funky fabric looking papers.

Make a list of who likes what. Then you can decide on your budget. If you can't afford to buy $15 lunchboxes new, don't fret! We will also discuss other options and containers to alter for your gifts. Some as cheap as 25 cents!!

But that is another blog entry.... for now browse ideas and make your gift list!


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hey mom! Just wanted to leave you a note that will save you time when using the tiny URL theory. instead of making a smaller link, you can make a word in the sentence the link. For example by using "veiw my blog HERE"< a href >< > but without the spaces, just clicking "HERE" will take you there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas Rock, keep them coming!