Tuesday, November 16, 2010

128 is the magic number!


128 is the magic number!

I created 128 12x2 pages at our four day retreat last weekend!

Sorry it has taken me a few days to post this update. Been just so darn busy at work. And that is a good thing!

We had a tie for the winners with the guess of 125!! My crop total of 12x12 pages done is

128! The closest guess was made by two members, both at 125.

And the winners are: Sherry and ebright_fleming@.....

Blogger Sherry said...

I'm going to guess 125 pages. There's no way I'd ever get that many done, but I've seen how productive you can be, so I'm guessing it's going to be a really high number. Have fun, and I'll look forward to hearing how many pages you do!



ebright_fleming@..... said...

I will guess 125, which I feel could be a low estimate, which is crazy, because I haven't even done that many pages for the whole year, to think that can be done in 4 days. But I do remember a 2 day retreat that I went to and completed 25 pages. Good luck and happy scrappin'


11:25 PM


If these two lucky ladies could contact me privately at Rockester@magnaspeed.net with postal contact info, I can get a prize package out to each of them.

I drug in all the pages from my car and photographed the PILE so you can see! It is certainly a huge stack. Basically fills three notebooks.... My friends can vouch that I indeed used my giant box of prepped page kits and I indeed did 128 pages! I am so relieved to have gotten this amount done and used so much stash for it. It is such a great feeling. I think I only bought:


smokey blue perfect pearl mist

a sizzix folder

two specialty-themed page kits from the retreat staff

and I borrowed 3 tape runners from Dawn because I (surprise!!) ran out of adhesive. I am paying her back in tape runners this thurs. :D

So all in all a tremendous success from the fact that I used what I had, had a blast with my friends in a facility in a beautiful wooded setting, and my family now have so many more pages to enjoy! And that, for me, what it is all about....

128 pages! WOOT!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taking Bets...CONTEST!

It's time for another contest!

I am sooo excited! I got up at 6am today and I NEVER do that! I am a late night owl --not an early bird!! I must be excited, eh? So excited that I want to give something away again!

I am headed out to go scrapping this weekend from today about 11 am to sunday about 4pm. Yep, that's right! I will be leaving the hubster home and scrappin' for FOUR whole days on my own 12x12 family page projects. Not cards, not gifts--just pages! I don't have to work at the retreat which is a plus for productivity. I have been organizing myself and my supplies all week!

How many pages do you think I will get done?

You know how I am always prompting you to get busy! Well, now I am putting my advice to work on myself! As always, I have lots and lots of page kits packed up and ready to go. I won't tell how many because that might give you an aproximate hint of what I think is even possible!

Give us a guess here and the most accurate guess will win a prize! How many 12x12 single pages do you think I will get done between this morning (Thurs) at aprox noon on up to Sunday evening at the close of the retreat about 3 or 4pm?

How many pages will Rockester get done this weekend on retreat? I will choose the most accurate winner on Sunday night and announce it Monday.

COMMENT HERE BELOW TO ENTER! Be sure to leave your contact information (either a Yahoo ID or your email) in your comment so I can get ahold of you if you win!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Look! New Contest!

Along with our new look, we have a NEW "SHABBY BLUES" CONTEST!
In honor of my new blue floral scheme here on the MY ALL blog, I am creating a small prize package from my stash for one lucky winner! I am making it up of blues and whites and florals and shabby chic goodness!

Leave a comment --with your contact email--below and you could be our random Shabby Blues WINNER! I will choose a random winner on Thursday evening, Nov 4th.

You could win! :)

New Shabby Chic blog look!

I finally decided to try to update the blog look myself and came across a great FREE shabby chic blog site with backgrounds and so on usable for Blogger! Hurray! It is called

and if you click on the buttons on their header there it takes you to the choices for some lovely buttons and backgrounds--beautiful work gals!
It just took me a few minutes to do the background and a few more mintutes to personalize the header in Paint and Picasa. (Photoshop not needed!)
Whatcha think?