Sunday, November 04, 2012


Nov 11th Note: Ok I truly thought UFO Sunday with the talented Leah Day on her blog here was every Sunday, so I posted this when I got it done after working on it last weekend (Nov 4). Either way it is GREAT that it is done! Done is good!
Back to the Baby Quilts! It is so much fun to sew for a new baby girl in our extended family. Getting ready to gift another handmade quilt to another wonderful family that we love.

I got out my stash drawer of fabrics and pulled out anything with reds and oranges. Most of those also had some form of gold tone to them. I worked off that and pulled as many fabrics as I thought I might need. I confess I am not yet a good judge of how much fabric it takes for specific sizes of quilts and I over-picked. Haha. You will see why in a bit.  

I have already used most of my pink stash on another  baby quilt a month or two ago see HERE. Since my goal is to use my stash, I am trying very, very hard NOT to buy more fabrics until I decrease my existing stash a good bit more.  I resisted the zombie-like-oh-so-hard-to-ignore urge to go out to the quilt store and buy dozens of brand new pink fabrics. This quilt will have a reds, corals and golds color scheme. Kind of like this inspiration from Design Seeds color palettes called Citrus Brights:

I needed an idea for my pattern next, so I browsed through the abundant quilt ideas on Pinterest. I loved the nine patch I saw HERE with wide open white blocks as spacers between each nine patch. Those wide open white areas were the perfect complement for the busier patterned  patches. This meant I had to go to the white cotton/muslin stash drawer and make sure I had enough plain white. I had an assortment of various sized white pieces but luckily enough to work!

I cut my strips 3.25 wide and sewed dozens of them together in rows of three.

I think I got a little carried away sewing but I wanted to use up these stash pieces!
After the rows are together, I cut them again 3.25 wide so I ended up with oodles of columns that each had 3 squares. Time to sew them together into 9 patches!

I wanted a little peppier look in some of the blocks so I did buy the orange and coral floral print in the center bottom 9 patch. It made those all 1980s and 1990s and 2000s fabrics look a little snappier and happier. Sometimes updating one pattern or fabric in a quilt makes the others all show off and perk up too.

I sewed for hours and ended up with WAY more 9 patches than I needed for a baby quilt! I needed only 10 for this project...but ended up with 36!  Ooops!  But I did meet my personal goal of using up those particular fabrics.

I tried a few layouts on the floor with the white blocks and came up with a design I liked. The white blocks lighten things up and really help accent the happy feel of the quilt.

I layed out more fabric for the backing. Spray basting is the way I secure my batting to the backing and the top to the batting when I sandwich a quilt. Then I pin it loosely here and there with straight pins just in case the spray basting might possibly shift. I have never had that happen so the pins are probably redundant but I grew up pinning quilts so it is a hard habit for me to break completely. 

Now we go to the machine and get ready to free motion quilt it.

 I am really making an effort to practice my free motion quilting on a regular basis. I am taking the class from Leah Day.  Her website also shares some of her many Free Motion Quilting Project creative possibilities for doing your own quilting on your home machine. I am trying to be brave and try a few new patterns with each project that I do.  Those white blocks are challenging me to practice my meandering!

But first let's buy a tiny bit of pink and coral patterned fabric (above) to make the perfect coordinating border. This and one floral fat quarter are the only two purchases I made for this ENTIRE quilt. I love to use what I have on hand.  The color is a little more true in the photo below.

The coral print border was added AFTER  I machine quilted the top. It just seemed too small once I got it that far so I added the 2.5 inch border all around before I cut off any excess batting or backing. MUCH better!

All bordered in coral and bound in white --and ready to gift away.  I tossed it on the kitchen floor to take the pic which makes my angle look a little wonky here but it really is a true FLAT rectangle. :D

I love how it turned out and I have enough blocks to make two more identical baby girl quilts if I want to. We have a lot of little ones on the way for families we know so I probably will sew the quilts up and set them aside until needed. Never hurts to be prepared!


Danielle Hudson said...

You did a beautiful job! I like the border you added;)

Stella Nemeth said...

I love your happy fabrics. The coral baby quilt is just beautiful.

I'm taking Leah Day's class at Craftsy too. I've taken others there and I love that what I'm ending up with is a combination of techniques that work for me. Sometimes the best solution is multiple solutions.

Cathy said...

I think some baby will be very happy!

Michelle said...

Isn't it an amazing difference what one or two new fabrics can add? But I do kind of suspect that it's because we're so used to seeing the other fabrics that the new one might seem better than it really is. :-)

stash busting nurse said...

Beautiful. I love scrappy quilts. It is always a bonus when you can make gifts using your stash. Well done with the free motion quilting. I also signed up for leah days course on craftsy. I have a couple of tops that I am goingto attempt to machine quilt.