Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanks Giving Quilt Along

Give Thanks this week and focus on giving --but not shopping. 

I am NOT shopping on Black Friday. Nope. Are you?
I have things to do here at home. PLENTY to do here at home. And plenty of stash and supplies to do it with! I would really like to focus on my family members and on enjoying the week. 

For me, crafting is relaxing. Making things for gifts is fun. In fact it is more fun than shopping for gifts. I would love to focus on a few sewing projects this Wed-Sunday over the Thanksgiving weekend and host a little internet QUILT and CRAFT ALONG for those who are doing likewise and staying out of the crazy mall frenzy.

Along the way, in true de-stashing style,  I have a few items to gift away for prizes too. If you are going to be sewing, crafting, or quilting this weekend anytime Wed-Sunday, leave me a comment below with your email (and  if you can? add a link to a pic or blog post about it.) YOU COULD WIN one of my extra gadgets, a crafty goodie--or a few fat quarters!

How is that for fun!??  

Let's focus on creating, not shopping!

Drop me a comment if you want to play along. Be sure to leave your email so you are eligible for a prize. And if you can, please also link to a photo or blog post about what you are working on.


Jean MaDan said...

I always avoid the Black Friday crowds, so I'll be sewing, for SURE! I'll try to add some updates to my blog as I go along!
Jean MaDan

Anonymous said...

I avoid the mall all year! I think I am missing the shopping gene! I plan on machine quilting on at least one of my UFOs, and maybe pin basting another one or two.

Teresa in TX

Vic in NH said...

Black Friday is the big start of the Bonnie Hunter mystery, "Easy Street," so I will be sewing my heart out!
Vic in NH

Jeanette said...

I will be home trying to make an Advent Calendar for my grandchildren. I got the pattern from "Wee Folk Art.com". I don't have a blog but maybe can figure out how to post a picture or two to show how I'm doing.

CJ said...

Oh how I'd love to join in but we'll be moving the bulk of our stuff from this house to our 'new to us' house. Darn and phooey as my sewing room is ready to use already!

Scraprageous said...

I am not planning to shop this weekend, check out my blog http://www.scrapbooksandcows.blogspot.com/ and you can see the progress on a few different album I am working on. Most challenging one is for a wedding - giraffe theme. LOL - should be a blast! Scraprageous@gmail.com

Sandi1100 said...

I am going to my LQS on black Friday as they are having demonstrations and specials and then will plan on sewing. I'm also participating in Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street mystery. I don't have a Blog to post to.

lisa0116 said...

I will be in on the sewing bee with all of you! The stores have nothing I want. Just finished handquilting my queen sized Double Wedding Ring this evening and now it needs binding!!! Woohoo! So, I will be figuring out how to make bias binding for the first time and attaching it to this DWR quilt.

lisa0116 said...

I have an update to my comment.
Here is my post on my blog with no pictures yet. Taking pictures after the binding.

email is: lisa0116@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I am not shopping on Black Friday. so keep me posted, Carol

Penny said...
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Penny said...

I don't shop Black Friday either. I'll be sewing some Christmas presents and shop small business Saturday.
Penny Smith

whitesealmom said...

I was feeling "left out" of Black Friday because I just got out of the hospital and have been ordered to STAY HOME. Your email came at just the right time! I will join you in a low-level crafting over Black Friday and the weekend. I have plenty of "pins" and things I have been wanting to work on. Thanks!

Carol in MO

Doris said...

Even the idea of shopping in the Black Friday crowds makes me hyperventilate! I'm staying home and scrapping!

Anonymous said...

I am at it! I had started machine quilting one, and then decided to start on my daughter's birthday quilt for February since she is gone for 4 days... Several hours of sewing already today! I don't have a blog...
Happy sewing and quilting!
Teresa in TX

Jean MaDan said...

Jean MaDan again... I've been sewing since 4:30 am, so I should have something to show on my blog by the end of the day. I'm still working on a Tessellating Trees flimsie, and in between I'm doing a-pass-at-a-time on quilting on my longarm... can't stand up much longer than that at a time yet. LOL!
Jean MaDan

Rockester said...

I got my surprise project done this afternoon and wil start another project tomorrow am. So happy it turned out as well as it did! No issues technically so I am happy!

Rockester said...

Good luck to all and hope you all get time to sew a bit more on Sat and Sunday! Have fun!

Jean MaDan said...

I've unsubscribed because of the spam comments. I wish they'd find a new toy!

Rockester said...

I got my second project done this afternoon and evening! The split rail fence table runner is completed! I am super happy to get these two projects started and completed in the four day stretch! thanks to all who also played along.
The two winners of the prizes are
Teresa in Texas/reesiek@yahoo.com
Carol in MO/clwhite213@gmail.com

Congrats gals and I will contact you privately for addys to ship to.