Scrapbooking is not my only craft-love. I also love to sew! Here are a few of my quilts over the years. Enjoy!

Here are some of my own works. Sorry for the photos being so tiny. I will try to improve some of them with new shots soon.


JOHN'S Bulls Eye:  This is a classic scrappy Bulls eye style pattern extra long twin size. I used up almost a whole laundry basket of loose scraps making it and it is beautiful! I made it for my son John in the winter of 2002.  A recent tutorial for this kind of circle quilt bullseye pattern can be found at


I lovingly call this one above, Jennifer's Independence Quilt. I made it for her in the summer of 2007 to take to college that Fall. It started out as a plan for a long twin but gradually grew to queen size (shown here on a king bed.) It is made in her palette of colors. It has 2 floral central hand-appliqued blocks and then 4 paper pieced heart blocks. The heart blocks have family inscriptions on them so she is sheltered in love wherever she may live.  :) Don't you love the cat in the black and white photo? He just owns the place! LOL
If you'd like the easy pattern for the Candy Box Hearts it can be found here:
and another easy one here:

JENNY'S BULLS EYE:  I made this variation on a Bulls Eye quilt shortly after I made John's Bulls Eye quilt above. You see, that darn laundry basket of scraps was still not as empty as I thought it should be after sewing John's quilt up! I knew I needed to make another scrappy quilt!  This  Bulls eye quilt looks almost like a scrappy drunkard's path variation. Made in 2002  The great aspect of these Bulls Eye quilts is the speed of assembly, the colorful scrappiness, and the warm cuddly fringy effect!

A Victorian Fan wall quilt I put together from antique wool blocks, 2002. I use this one as a table centerpiece a couple times thru the year.

I love giving new life to antique unfinished projects. This is an older Victorian Log Cabin table runner I put together from some even older silk and velvet antique blocks in 2002. I use my older pieces lovingly in my home. I think that is what the original seamstresses would have wanted.

A bit dark on the picture, but this is a Meandering the Lone Star State chair throw. It is a Fall colored slash and sew star pattern from online. A similar pattern is here
 I created this one while I was on a weekend trip to where else but Texas to see my dear creative friend Zueeuz whose blog is here.


This Mary Engelbreit style wall quilt of my own design fits right in on my Mary E porch! I designed it using a variety of patterns together.  I created it from an assortment of free online bird, birdhouse, Scottie dog, house, and flower paper piecing designs. 2001-2002. The center panel was an applique pattern from a friend.


This above is the Byte by Byte round robin quilt designed by Patti R. Anderson. There were 8 of us separate quilters online who worked in a round robin style. Each person did a row for each of the others using their fabric box. We started in February 2001 and finished in 2003. Now I just need to get mine into batting and backing and machine quilted! The whole pattern was found  on Patchpieces at one time but is no longer available.

I have made about 9 or 10 baby quilts over the years as gifts too but I don't have photos for most of them. I will get a few up here soon.

This last one is a Dresden Plate finished from a garage sale find. These squares were partially done in original 1930 Aunt Grace era fabrics. I finished them and the quilt with authentic era fabrics and hand quilted this one! It is folded for display here but it has 5 rows of 6 plates. We display it and also use it to hide our movie collection in a standard white bookshelf.