Tuesday, March 24, 2009

April Challenge: Household Halfsies

From our discussions this am --and from other talks with friends lately-- I think we need a Halfsies (50%) Household Challenge.

What is that?
Is is an aggressive Spring Cleaning challenge for those of us who have waaaaayy too much stuff. A room or a whole household...it doesn't matter.

If you can't walk through your home and say that it is pared down and perfect, join us!
Do as much as you can.

If you feel overwhelmed by your belongings and your household disarray, join us. If you feel like no one can come over because things are a wreck, join us.

If you just want some focus and encouragement in each room, join us.

If you can truly say with an objective eye that HALF the stuff you own (50%) has to go for you to get back to happy, let's do it!

April will be HALFSIES month. We will go around the home room by room and cut in HALF our inventory inventory in all the places we can.

You may not even realize yet that you have as much in each category as you will find....

Half the bedsheets. Half the towels. Half the dishware. Half the plastic cups. Half the pens and pencils. Half the stockpile of soap in the pantry. Half the books you have already read.
Half the shoes. Half the toys. Half the throw pillows. Half the furniture!?! Maybe!
Half of anything you feel you can and need to tackle!

Get the idea? Wouldn't that be grand for some of us to actually minimize the
way we want to? Going green isn't just about consuming less...it's also about a different focus on a simpler, streamlined life.

Let's help Fran and all the others and just DO IT! April is a great time to clear and donate and do the Halfsies Challenge here on our list. So many people need our home items right now in other places....flood victims, storm victims, homeless and unemployed...Bring on board a mindset of giving as well as streamlining.

I'll do it too....
I wonder if I can get rid of half of hubbies 7 snow shovels in the garage!!! I know we don't need 7 even if we do live in Minnesota!


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Diedra said...

Love this idea!