Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Guest room/Office completed!

Well I did it! And I did it buying only three things! Whoohoo!

Remember this view? Much better now, right? If you didn't see the BEFORE pics, see them in the previous posts HERE. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

When you enter the room, we have a short re-purposed wooden nightstand table topped with a well-loved antique yellow chipped paint bottling crate from my husband's family.

It now holds my current project of the week. In this case, a baby gift album and a wedding album. Below it is an old wire locker basket with oodles of inspiration for my scrapping projects.

BUY NUMBER ONE (below): A set of three floral prints for this wall purchased last weekend from a garage sale for 25 cents each! Yes! I love a bargain.

The bedside needed a narrow scale stand of some sort. I put my thinking cap on and realized that this barstool that my husband made in high school 35 years ago might be the right silhouette. It was really rough from the garage and outdoors, but still sturdy and solid wood. I Cloroxed it (is that a verb?) all over and then gave the top a whitewash.

Now it can pop right into that small space and hold a few collectables, a lamp, and mementos.

You have seen this view before. The bed all made up.

And to the right of the bed is our refurbished dresser. It says May You Smile, Laugh, and Love. See how I did it HERE

I enjoyed tinkering with the tablescape here. Fred Astaire (autographed!) looks right at home with old family prayer books, apothecary bottles, candles, and our daughters dried wedding flowers. Our little Willow Tree girl has a to-scale tin home.

Coming around to the next wall we see the photo board I recovered. See how I changed it up HERE using doilies and vintage brooches.

BUY NUMBER TWO: Poster of the Acropolis $2.00 at Savers!

In a moment you will see I added a poster of the Greek Acropolis in a very similar vista to the one my daughter and her hubbie had on their honeymoon. But how to frame it? Such an odd long shape. I went out to the garage and looked around. No stray molding, darn it. No good thin wood scraps either. Needs a vintage look....how about yardsticks!?? Not in brown or natural though.... so let's make it white! Boy that acrylic white paint is coming in handy! I drilled holes in the yardstick ends so that I could thread twine in on the corners to join and to hang it. I also hot-glued the yardstick sides to the poster casing.

Here is how it looks completed.

On the same wall are all those shoe cubbies I mentioned in an earlier post. I tucked lots of storage and smalls in there. I used old and new containers --mostly handmade pottery bowls and embossed metal vintage bread loaf pans, and french bread baskets to hold my scrapping items and a few magazines, fabrics, and some collectables.

Again the tablescape on top of the cubbies was so much fun to create. I just shopped all around my own house for goodies that looked right. Some of my daughter's items made it back in--as it should be since she will also stay here. I love the two mini love birds in little white berry nests.
The quilted teddy bear is 30 years old now and sewn by me from one of my great-grandmother's quilts three decades ago....

Those of you with sharp eyes will recognize the combined name album from Clear Scraps that I made for the young couple about a year and a half ago about their courtship.

BUY NUMBER THREE: The $14 work table. I got it at SAVERS and it is all one piece like a butcher block. Very solid.

On the table, upper left, an old creamery pitcher serves as my paper towel holder. Re-purposed tins, mug, and clock. My wicker desk organizer is reused from daughter as are the bookends. Vintage dragonfly paperweight from my son's room looks better in here. Hubby generously brought up this wooden oak office chair for me. He had bought it for himself 3 weeks ago at a garage sale but he said he can use my leather one. Those big modern leather ones are so huge, the arms won't fit under the table --or in this space. This wood rolling chair is perfect! In order to make sure the wooden floor doesn't get marred up, I snagged the extra area rug from my son's room and flipped it over so the black side is down and the tan side is up. It works!

This little scene on my desk shows how you can tuck a doily into a Kleenex box cover and 'hide' the pattern on it. I have also decoupaged with pattern papers and Mod Podge over these kinds of boxes to make them match my decor. I want to find my grandfather's skeleton keys (downstairs someplace) and add them to the twine ties on the milk glass lamp from my porch. (I think I am going to change out that squarish shade on the lamp for a round one and then decoupage music or dictionary words on it.

The sweet little clown in the rocker was a birthday gift to me from 1963! He has traveled with me a long, long way! :) I am using the vintage blue crocheted trivet as a coaster on my desk. My mom collects these crocheted string trivets and shared this one with me when she sent the doily box--because it is my favorite color. Thanks Mom!

Above the desk/table I have placed two rummage sale 8x10 brushed bronze oval metal frames from my stash with dear daughter's wedding pics. The black 8x14 frame is one that I also had in my stash which used to have a pic of a cute toddler couple with a nice saying about love. I knew months ago that I was eventually going to change out that impersonal photo for one of my daughter and her husband on their engagement day. I printed all three of these photos onto my own photo paper for pennies here on my printer. These definitely help keep this room earmarked for my daughter and her husband when they come to visit --and happily remind me of them when they are gone.

Well that is it for this room redo! Hope you enjoyed it. I do love how it turned out. Even better it only took me one garage sale and one trip to Savers Secondhand to find the three items that I bought. (Yep, a whopping $16.75 FOR THIS ROOM!)

What can you do with what you already own? If I can do it, so can you! :)

May you always smile, laugh and love!


Anonymous said...

Great job Rock!!! I enjoyed looking around your "new" room! You have inspired me...we are in the process of trying to sell our house and I have been trying to use what we have and get rid of a lot too!!! We have been moving bedrooms around and painting...I love that you completed your space in such a short time! Gives me hope that I can do the same...my goal is Labor Day weekend to have everything done...not sure that is going to happen with school starting in a week but we have been putting a lot of time into it!

I am just curious what is inside your large glass lamp on the cool nightstand redo. Kayleen

Rockester said...

The contents of the blue ball jar lamp on the bar stool nightstand are old wooden spools and some of my Grandmother S's Irish thimbles. :) I love blue ball jars and I love sewing almost as much as I love scrapping. There is just not enough time in a day!

Anonymous said...

Your room is awesome! Very creative too. I LOVE it!!!

Tina Campbell said...

Fantastic Job! Aren't there great finds at yard sales. We try to hit each weekend and if you get a great buy you feel good all week! Enjoy the room. Tina

Karen said...

Wow Rock! You did an amazing job on your room redo. How beautiful it turned out and you completed it well within your targeted time frame! You have beautiful things in your home and I love to see how you put all the gorgeous antiques to use. You definitely have an eye for design. Great job! I am sure you will enjoy working in that room and your guests will feel pampered being in such a beautiful space.

Holly said...

Very impressive ... and I appreciate that you chose to use what you already had rather than go out and buy all new items. Once I've purged more and start to re-design my home, I'll be back to check out your ideas.

Cathy said...

What is Savers?

Your room is great!