Friday, July 13, 2007

Sock It to Me Rock Room Review 2: Aeryn's Room: Take 2

Aeryn’s Room Review (2)

Are you ready? Here we go!

Her second set of photos required an updated review! :)

That prime real estate in front of your workspace should relate to the work you are doing. Create storage for supplies with the rest of the vertical space. You want to get more stuff OFF the tabletop.

Your desktop has a nice big area clear to work. I like that! But it could be even more spacious. Let’s move the tools up onto the vertical space somehow. It still looks like you have a lot of clutter in front of your work area. Get a tool caddy of some sort or a basket and place glues, tapes, pen cup, scissors, rulers, hammer and so on in one basket or caddy. It will keep tool clutter to a minimum.

I see you have some great shallow shelving now--like spice racks for your jars of flowers and so on. I would store the other jars of flowers under that rack if they will fit and take out the photos or pictures you have under there. Maybe those extra flower and glue bottles can go in a shelf, pretty box, or spinning spice rack. Often these kinds of glue bottles are same diameter as a spice jar so the spinning racks work well

I love the idea of the little lights under your shelf. Keep those if you can. Store alike things together. The punches on the desk are likely not the only punches you own. Make a drawer or cube just for punches.
I can see you have some favorites by all the posters shown—movie stars, tv shows, stories, etc. You also like color, I can tell by the posters you have up that you like colorful visual input. Are these your inspiration? If so, choose 4 or 6 of them (in smaller versions) to frame identically and showcase. If the posters are ‘just for fun’ I would move them to another spot in the house and use this front-and-center space to showcase whoever is your true priority and inspiration…family, pets, children. I have a feeling that the BEST inspiration is your family, but where are they now? Hiding in the cubes above as tiny pics!

Don’t get me wrong (‘cause I luv ya!) but this desk looks like a middle school locker because it is sooooo busy with posters. Tame it down. Polish your space up so it looks grown up. You can still have a Grissom pic—just make it nice and grown up! ;) Focus that fan attention into just a few pics along the top –or put the movie stars in the side wall space and bring the family to the deskspace. You could also have the bulletin board designated for the movie fan pics instead of the side wall right of your desk where The Star Trek guy now stands.

On to the shelving above the desk.

I generally recommend putting items you rarely use up top. Take a long hard look at what is on those six-nine shelves and in the drawers below the desk. Take everything OUT of the drawers and shelves. Now look hard at what is really NOT being used much. Do you need to keep it? If so put it up top. What do you SOMETIMES use? Put that in lower 3 shelves. What do you use all the time –or is too heavy to keep above your head? THAT is what should go in the drawer unit. The two plastic boxes I see here look like they hold useful tools of some sort. I have a hunch they should go lower so you can grab them to work with. Your paints, like the punches we talked about a minute ago, should all be stored together in a handy spot lower down. You will rarely reach for something when seated and working if you have to reach that far up. Unplanned blank albums and projects in one cube, planned projects in another.

I like this lower area. I like the colorful tubs stacked to the left center. I like it except for the binders in the chair area and the green plastic carrier at your feet. Maybe work those into the shelf holding other binders in lower right. You did a good job straightening this. Now make sure it is stuff you really use daily. In a previous picture you had been storing a trimmer on the floor. I am glad that is gone because—even when tucked away—is asking for it to be bumped and kicked. Just a reminder that trimmer arms can bust off when dropped or bumped. Keep trimmers horizontal on the desk off to the side.

Your chair was/is functional but whenever you get a chance, pick up a little more spacious one for comfort. Measure your desk space so a new chair will still fit horizontally. But do make it a comfy one that rolls if possible. Try a secondhand or an office supply surplus store.

Hope this helps! You have a nice space to work with and those 6-9 shelve cubes above the desk are a saving grace for you in organization. Now we just have to set it up so that the items are efficient for you!

Good luck and THANK YOU for your patience and for wanting my opinion.

J Best wishes as always


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