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Page Additions: How to Sort your Accents and Stickers

Organizing Page Additions and Accents:

How to keep your stash of accents, dimensional stickers, and many decorative layout bits organized.

Copyright 2001. originally published July 20th, 2001

by Rockester (Kathleen Aho)

Need Help?
How do you store your supplies? Don't you hate that feeling when you know you have a pattern or sticker SOMEWHERE-- if only you could lay your hands on it to USE it today! Do you have trouble finding things or keeping them handy? You know that you bought a paper piecing pattern or a magazine, but you can't find it when you want to show a friend or pack for a crop? What do you do with your swaps and purchases? Have you bought duplicate supplies and not known it until you dig out an old shopping bag a month later? What is the remedy for this organizational nightmare?? Need help? Well, let's alk about solutions! (Not that my way is 'right' but if you have no organization system or you have one that is NOT working well for you, then these are just some starter tips that may help you.) Here is what I do. See if you can adapt any of these ideas for your own use.

This is how I organize ALL my page additions. Things like die cuts, stickers, paper piecings and patterns, laser cut frames, page toppers, etc. Page additions are any scrapbooking supplies which are NOT sheets of patterned background or cardstock paper. (My sheets of paper are filed in file folders in Iris carts by pattern and color type.) But today, I am just talking about page additions, patterns, and other page elements that go with your photos. Let's learn how to corral them so you can find them and use them efficiently. Why waste all your time searching for lost supplies when that precious time can be used better to make some layout pages! Don't leave your desk in a mess like this!!

figure 2

I have four inexpensive white 3 ring binders with various category dividers in them. Remember, we will be putting lots of stuff in these 4 binders. Unless you have very few scrapbook supplies, you will need all four binders. You can use Paper/Sticker Binders in the same fashion if you have them. You need a binder or sticker-binder style that opens and shuts easily. It should allow you to add or decrease pages as you need to is helpful. A zipper closure is nice too. Make sure the binder is not so used or old or that the rings are slightly crooked. The rings should match up well so that flipping pages later is a smooth process. I create divider tabs in the following categories:

figure 3 category tabs

ABC's (letter stickers),
Bible and faith
Halloween and fall
Party (includes birthday)
Victorian and heritage

Now go and sort your scrapbook supplies according to the same types of categories as your new tabs. This will take a little time if you have not done it for a while-- but it is so worth doing! Take this time to save yourself even more time later. Older children (over age 8) can even be helpful with this. If they understand categories, have them help you a sort...Pay them for their help with older stickers you find that you no longer want! They will be thrilled and you will be done sorting sooner!

figure 4 sorted

I have a total of four binders for my 17 categories but if you need more space, use more bnders. But keep your categories alphabetical. Some people with lots of scrapbooking goodies may need three or four separate 3 ring binders instead of my two...but the categories can still be used alphabetically. After a bit you start to remember that your A-D categories are in the red binder and the E-H categories are in the green binder. I divided up the categories in the following binders and made a label for the binder spines indicating what each binder holds.

figure 5 binder label

You should arrange yours so they spread out across all four binders somewhat evenly. Each person's binder setup will vary according to what you have the most. Perhaps you will need a binder JUST for your ABC's? It is up to you, but do keep it alphabetical.

figure 6 binders

ABC's (letter stickers)
Bible and faith
Garden/floral ( I have a LOT of floral stuff)
Halloween and Fall
Party (includes birthday)
Victorian and heritage

Within each category, I file ALL my page kits and supplies possible. For example, I may have Mary Engelbreit style swap page kits. But I try to file those ME christmas kits into the Winter category section and the ME school teacher page kits in with School category. Likewise, my ME beach paper piecing will go in with the Water category in the appropriate binder. Even though Mary E is a 'style', it is not usually a separate category in my binders. My page kits and larger swaps are all already in page protectors, so this sorting is easy to do. Large full sized die cuts, 11 inch borders, delicate laser cut frames, and all bigger page elements get their own page protector to keep them safe until use.

figure 7 Film star page kit Large Items

Now that leaves the smaller odd elements like layout idea cards, paper piecing patterns, die cuts, premade page toppers, stickers, punch art, finished paper piecings from swaps etc. Those items also are filed in the same categories in the same binders right along with the larger page kits and larger swaps. I use baseball card holders for small stickers and 4x6 plastic photo page holders for the smaller objects that will fit. Nothing gets bent, crumpled or lost. The holders are all clear and I can easily flip through and see the various elements clearly. I can see at a glance if the colors on the premade page topper will match the colors on that cute Ebay paper piecing....

Figure 8 Small Items Nine card holder

After filing all my goodies in the binders, I place the binders on my scrapping desk so I can see the spines. I label the spines with computer made paper labels (figure 5 above). But you can also use adhesive labels and Sharpie markers. If you do not have room on your desktop, place them in a nearby bookcase. Or did you know that many standard 3 ring binders fit perfectly into a desk filing drawer? That desk file drawer is an out-of-sight yet a handy spot if your binders will fit.

Figure 9

This is the most important step. If you want to be organized, you need to commit to STAYING organized with your new purchases and creations. After each shopping trip, simply pull out the binder you need and file the new loot away! This keeps it off the general stack of desktop jumble which also keeps the elements from getting torn, smashed, and crumpled! What a waste to spend good money on a beautiful, hard-to-find supply only to find out later it was ruined from careless storage (or no storage at all!) The money you save by storing your things safely will certainly offset the initial cost of a few extra page protectors and baseball card sleeve pages.

How do I then use this category system when planning a page or packing for a crop? Here is an example.

If I have pictures of my sweet husband to make into a "SOME BUNNY LOVES YOU!" layout, I get a new page protector out. I slide hubby's photos in and then just go to the ANIMALS section of my binders where I keep the bunnies . There I will see all in ONE place all the bunny ideas and supplies I already own. From die cuts to patterns and premade page toppers, it is ALL visible and handy within a few flips of the binder pages. No more sorting through so many separate file folders, books, binders, shopping bags and boxes just to see all the heart and love ideas. I can now easily pick the accessories that apply best to this set of photos. I slip my choices into the page protector with the photos and I am ready to crop. Being organized in this manner, I also TRULY know when I am getting short on 'ANIMALS' category of supplies and ideas. This makes shopping much more efficient and cost effective.

figure 10 bunny page kit

It is SO nice to be able to reach for an idea or supply and actually FIND it immediately!! My binders full of page ideas and supplies help me do just that. I have found this alphabetical binder system works for me. What a relief! No more misplaced supplies! No more stepped on die cuts! No more ruined paper piecings that got jammed a month ago behind the magazines on accident.

What a time saver --and money saver-- good practical storage can be!!! It will help YOU stay organized, so go get some binders and categorize ALL your own page additions and elements today!! You can do it!! You'll be SO glad you did! You'll be much more productive if you can FIND your supplies faster.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Knitting for the Homeless in AU

I received this email today from a Scrapper's Challenger named Suzan (moralan@optu.....) in Australia who is active in the creative community of charitable knitters there.

She is asking for help in a cause that will help Queensland and Brisbane, Australia's homeless and poor. Lets see what we can do by voting ONCE each for her knitting group to win prize money that will buy more supplies and help pay for the distribution of even more warm items to wear in the coming winter months. Her dedicated knitting group of 123 ladies could win if they get the most daily votes! They are in 3rd place at the moment. It won't cost you a dime to vote and it may help countless people who need it. Let's help push them up in the ranks!

Dearest Rockester,
I belong to this group and we are trying to win some extra cash to help out. Brisbane and southeast Queensland are having a cold winter for our area and as fast as we knit the goods are going. This only costs a few seconds and is genuine. Would it be okay to post to the Scrapper's Challenge group? Please let me know as I don't want to waste time if you feel it goes against the group guidelines. Thanking you,
-----And here is Suzan's message to all of us----
I belong to an online knitting group that distributes knit items to the homeless etc. Anyway it formed a short while ago and with this year being much cooler here, our knit things are made and they are sent out as soon as they are given to us. There is now a waiting list for items. It has grown quickly and we even have ladies in retirement communities knitting as a group activity for the homeless. We supply yarn etc if the charitable knitters cannot afford it. We are working on supplying children's sizes as well as adult. Items have been distributed through specific days at city hall and to a young women's shelter etc.

We are in a subtropical area and it rarely gets cold here. We are having a cold winter with night temps close to zero. Donations have not met demand and to make things worse some of the more traditional groups are refusing to collect items because they don't meet rules. Some of them are so silly such as one yarn type and colour only. I went to a homeless day in the city and we had a few homeless girls came to knit with us and chat. They learned to knit in jail and wanted to make things for gifts for their mothers or children. It was great to give them a pair of needles and a ball of yarn to make a scarf. Most needed a refresher course. We had lots of people collect hats, scarves and blankets. The more colourful the creations the better it seemed. Sometimes we get specific requests. For example the young women's shelter asks for specific items as most of the girls are pregnant.

My quilt group also supports this group but not with quilts.... We give them food etc as they teach the girls to cook. At present we are finding out that whole families are caught short and the children need warm things. People can knit what they want.
We also try very hard to use new items. At present we are working towards another homeless day in the city centre. It will be in November. Some of us are making face cloths and we are collecting toiletries like crazy. We are scratching our heads to come up with something that is helpful and original. By then the nights will be around 22 Celsius and the need for woollies will be less.

In around 18 months over 2000 items have been donated. These are distributed directly or through shelters or other organisations. Sometimes organisations visit our meetings. Things have been distributed through soup kitchens etc too. Everything is sent to a lady who then distributes directly to the charities. I loved the Homeless Connect day in the city as we put things out and people could choose what they needed and liked.

Did you know there are an estimated 10 000 homeless in the middle of Brisbane?

Our knitting group leader applied for a $5000 prize in this contest online to help out. To our surprise, we are among the last ten.

Now we need MANY votes. So if you are willing please vote . It seems to allow one vote only (It may be one time only voting-- I am not sure). So follow the link and vote on the Brisbane's needy.
see it at bottom of this link page and vote for # 4 in this contest.

(Please vote and ask others to as well since it seems to be one vote per IP address.)

It is sponsored by online magazine http://www.femail.com.au/

Snicker Salad Recipe: Rockester Style

Snicker Salad

1 large box vanilla instant pudding mixed with
1/2 cup milk

6 apples, chopped to bite size pieces
12 oz. whipped topping like Cool Whip
6 bars Snicker candy bars-chopped into 1/2 inch bite sizes
1 cup of green or red grapes, optional
1 cup mini marshmallows, optional

Some people also add
1 cup manderin oranges
1 cup chopped pineapple (not crushed as it is too wet) at the last minute too

Mix all of the above ingredients and refrigerate. Makes a real yummy "sweet "salad." More of a dessert really.

I have also frozen the leftovers (yes with the fruit in it!) to make a type of frozen ice-cream-like dessert--but you should then scoop it and eat it frozen. Do not let it defrost again! :)

Makes a huge mixing bowl that serves like 20 people.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

TO DO list: Making Progress overall

I had so much success with posting my to do list here (even if only a couple people read it) and then highlighting in RED what I got done each day. I took a list of 58 items on July 10th

and only have 15 items left off that listing to do! I got 75% of my TO DO list done in10 days! I am now going to take those 15 items, list them again here, and add more on that popped up the last few days.

I hope I have just as much success in the next ten days!

Room review for Dawn Rhodes
Order for Dawn and I at OT-done
find that check!
fold laundry-done
read HP novel
sort magazines and sell on SC Ad Day x3
cut baby titles/names on Cricut
pack up Grma's books
Clinic paperwork @ shots done
Payment info for college done for Mike
Shot paperwork for U sent in for J
paperwork on P
Paperwork on Devon
clean studio-done
deliver Laurie's blue items, B&B cd
upload 2 more ST sets to ebay
Help dd with her wall quilt
make dd bed quilt
donate items out of laundry room craft stuff
Give R his gift
purple and green card project-done
Grandpa Project letters transcribed X 20
make page kits for B's band pages-done
make pages kits for Bryan's reg scrapbook for his mom-23 done
clean garage
schedule fiber exchange here in sept
black shoes for Jy work-done
JM cd pickup
burn Cheer cds-done
mail Cheer cds out- aug 11 delivery
write Ove in Norway-done
Call Jodi B @ dolls-sat.- mail pkg
water back yard and garden-done
clean planting corner out

Saturday, July 14, 2007

8 piece "My Brother" Sweet Teen Layout ensemble

My Brother Layout Sweet Teen 8 piece set.

Going up on ebay today and ending wed evening July 18th.

Go to ImageShack® to Create your own Slideshow

Sisters Set Sweet Teen layout 7 piece ensemble

Wow this set is HUGe and detailed. Going up on ebay tonight and ending Wed. night July 18th

Sisters and Pals: Hugs and Kisses set


Sisters & Pals Sweet Teen set:

Go to ImageShack® to Create your own Slideshow

Thank You's

Some of you have asked what the 75 Thank You For Your Prayers cards looked like that I made this week for Bryan's parents to use. Here are some pics. They were done with his favorite color scheme-oranges.
White cardstock bases were 5.5x8.5 and folded in half. I used 5 sheets of stripe paper and 3 sheets of floral stripe cut into 4 x 5.25 for the base of the front and then 1 x 5.25 for the narrow strip on the faces of the card fronts. I used a martha stewart punch and a tiny acrylic stamp THANKS on front anchored with a black brad in a double layer of silk flower. I pulled my own silk flowers in both the large and small size stems from Michaels. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS stamp is from Archivers in Mall of America. I used this stamp inside the card on a tag and on the envelope front. I don't know the stamp brand off hand. Envelope fronts were stamped in lower left and chalked with orange and red. Back flap of envelope (not shown) was stamped with a tiny flower --also chalked in orange.
Sometimes you just have to do a little something to help out --and I hope this helps this family. Use your talent to help someone out this week. Just do it. :)
We miss you Bryan!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sock It to Me Rock Room Review 2: Aeryn's Room: Take 2

Aeryn’s Room Review (2)

Are you ready? Here we go!

Her second set of photos required an updated review! :)

That prime real estate in front of your workspace should relate to the work you are doing. Create storage for supplies with the rest of the vertical space. You want to get more stuff OFF the tabletop.

Your desktop has a nice big area clear to work. I like that! But it could be even more spacious. Let’s move the tools up onto the vertical space somehow. It still looks like you have a lot of clutter in front of your work area. Get a tool caddy of some sort or a basket and place glues, tapes, pen cup, scissors, rulers, hammer and so on in one basket or caddy. It will keep tool clutter to a minimum.

I see you have some great shallow shelving now--like spice racks for your jars of flowers and so on. I would store the other jars of flowers under that rack if they will fit and take out the photos or pictures you have under there. Maybe those extra flower and glue bottles can go in a shelf, pretty box, or spinning spice rack. Often these kinds of glue bottles are same diameter as a spice jar so the spinning racks work well

I love the idea of the little lights under your shelf. Keep those if you can. Store alike things together. The punches on the desk are likely not the only punches you own. Make a drawer or cube just for punches.
I can see you have some favorites by all the posters shown—movie stars, tv shows, stories, etc. You also like color, I can tell by the posters you have up that you like colorful visual input. Are these your inspiration? If so, choose 4 or 6 of them (in smaller versions) to frame identically and showcase. If the posters are ‘just for fun’ I would move them to another spot in the house and use this front-and-center space to showcase whoever is your true priority and inspiration…family, pets, children. I have a feeling that the BEST inspiration is your family, but where are they now? Hiding in the cubes above as tiny pics!

Don’t get me wrong (‘cause I luv ya!) but this desk looks like a middle school locker because it is sooooo busy with posters. Tame it down. Polish your space up so it looks grown up. You can still have a Grissom pic—just make it nice and grown up! ;) Focus that fan attention into just a few pics along the top –or put the movie stars in the side wall space and bring the family to the deskspace. You could also have the bulletin board designated for the movie fan pics instead of the side wall right of your desk where The Star Trek guy now stands.

On to the shelving above the desk.

I generally recommend putting items you rarely use up top. Take a long hard look at what is on those six-nine shelves and in the drawers below the desk. Take everything OUT of the drawers and shelves. Now look hard at what is really NOT being used much. Do you need to keep it? If so put it up top. What do you SOMETIMES use? Put that in lower 3 shelves. What do you use all the time –or is too heavy to keep above your head? THAT is what should go in the drawer unit. The two plastic boxes I see here look like they hold useful tools of some sort. I have a hunch they should go lower so you can grab them to work with. Your paints, like the punches we talked about a minute ago, should all be stored together in a handy spot lower down. You will rarely reach for something when seated and working if you have to reach that far up. Unplanned blank albums and projects in one cube, planned projects in another.

I like this lower area. I like the colorful tubs stacked to the left center. I like it except for the binders in the chair area and the green plastic carrier at your feet. Maybe work those into the shelf holding other binders in lower right. You did a good job straightening this. Now make sure it is stuff you really use daily. In a previous picture you had been storing a trimmer on the floor. I am glad that is gone because—even when tucked away—is asking for it to be bumped and kicked. Just a reminder that trimmer arms can bust off when dropped or bumped. Keep trimmers horizontal on the desk off to the side.

Your chair was/is functional but whenever you get a chance, pick up a little more spacious one for comfort. Measure your desk space so a new chair will still fit horizontally. But do make it a comfy one that rolls if possible. Try a secondhand or an office supply surplus store.

Hope this helps! You have a nice space to work with and those 6-9 shelve cubes above the desk are a saving grace for you in organization. Now we just have to set it up so that the items are efficient for you!

Good luck and THANK YOU for your patience and for wanting my opinion.

J Best wishes as always


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To Do Lists as long as Pinocchio's nose....

Sometimes in the middle of summer I just feel like sitting. Heck I do it in the winter also...But it always puzzles me in the summer when this mode strikes me. There is so, SO much to do. Stuff that I don't care for--sure--but also so many FUN things too. My to do list has lots on it in all kinds of areas. Some would be very fun, some not...so why do I just feel like reading a novel?

Why do I feel a bit rebellious about the laundry basket in front of me? Why do I blog instead of getting up to garden? Why do I look for more creative ideas online than actually DOING the projects I have ready to work on in my studio? I love to organize. Why am I not doing it right now? Big sigh. Am I trying to 'rest' up after all the turmoil of our community losing Bryan? Am I concerned about how to help the others? Why do I go out to lunch instead of making a simple sandwich at home? Why am I tired? Am I trying to psych myself up for August and all the college hoopla? Am I tired of putting on my game face? Am I feeling stuck between certain decisions? Am I stymied by my lack of HTML skills? Am I too lazy to even enumerate my huge TO DO list? Why can't I even enjoy sorting out my colorful, tactile, creative stash of ribbons and fibers? Am I crabby? Am I bored?


all of the above.

So what should I do to solve this?
I will do what I often do. Make a list. Get up off my fanny. MOVE.
Ok here is the list. It's my version of "the first step".


fold laundry basket of clothes x 3-done
vitamin box set up-done
order Scwanns for Jn delivery-done
baby book-pink-for shauna
deliver shauna's album-jy
baby book-pink-for sarah
mail sarah's album out
paperwork on P
donate Jean Auel books to library-done
call Jody B about angel dolls for Ronald McDonald House-done
vacuum living room-done
take dd to sign Eagles papers-done
Clinic paperwork @ shots done
Payment info for college done for Mike
dishes in kitchen-done
clear dining table off-done
mail package to my mom-done
address 2 envelopes to send-done
get prize boxes for SC winners ready- done
pack up Grma's books
sort beads-tue am-done
clear Jy desk-done
clear work desk off-done
clear work table off-done
clear studio desk off
clear cutting desk off
clear computer desk off--do you see a trend here?
work on bridal layout for client-done
mail another bridal layout for client-done
read novel
deliver Laurie's items, B&B cd
take a nap-done
make something to take to T's for dinner-done
water garden-done
water borders-done
clear floor in studio of baskets....why do I love containers?
sort photos rec'd in mail this week
finish red ST set
finish blue ST set
upload 2 more ST sets to ebay
Help dd with her wall quilt
make dd bed quilt
donate items out of laundry room craft stuff
Give R his gift
make page kits for band pages
make pages kits for Bryan's band book for his mom-3 done
clean garage
clean planting corner out
mail font links to SC-Done
write V a thank you note-done
print out new 3 months calendar July-Aug-Sept-done
photograph new "Sweet Teen" ebay items-done
list new Sweet Teen items for wed-wed sales-done!
read magazines and toss to recycle -done
Room review for Aeryn-done
burn cheer squad cds for girlsx12-done
Room review for Dawn Rhodes
post pics to Facebook-done

Ok I am worn out just listing it. LOL
Start small, kathy, start small....

Ok magazines first....

Monday, July 02, 2007

Goodbye Bryan ...and one good idea....

Bryan Timm (rest in peace)
and Jenny
Valentines 2007

Off topic a bit because we just got back from the visitation of my daughters ex-boyfriend. He passed away in a car accident this week. I hope none of you ever have to go through what this family is feeling.


What can possibly be a "good idea" out of all this sadness?

<>If you ever have to have a visitation for a loved one, do what Bryan's family did. Go and buy two large cuddly stuffed teddy bears that you like that are exactly identical. Bryan's parents each held one all through greeting --and hugging and crying-- with all of us for 4 long hours. They periodically traded the bears and of course cried over each one about the same over time. The line was hundreds and hundreds ofBryan's teenage friends as well as other community members and friends. Each person got to hug one bear or the other another as we hugged and cried and shared stories with Bryan's parents. Both bears are equally loved and cried over and hugged with love of all his friends and family members.

Bryan's mom explained to us that they got two the same so that one can be put tonight into Bryan's casket (which was closed today due to his injuries). And the other equally loved and cried over and hugged-with-love bear will stay with his parents at their home to remind them of all the love this community shared with them today. Bryan was their only child. Knowing that they would need a tangible reminder in the future of Bryan's presence and how he was loved, they will use this bear to comfort themselves now and then. And I hope that they will have the peace of heart knowing that the other bear is with Bryan forever.

As you can see above, Bryan believed people need their teddy bears and he gave Jenny this one at Valentine's. She has been using her "Bryan bear" a lot this week. Ok now I am crying ...but isn't this a wonderful idea? So sensible andtouching too.I hope none of you ever have to go through what this family isfeeling. ..but if you know someone who is, relay this idea. It may come in handy.

And please, for Bryan's memory, don't drive tired. Help your teens to stay alert when driving. Above all....Be safe...